What are you baking? July 2022

What’s in your oven?


I made the Grapefruit and White Chocolate cake from Snaking cakes.
The cake turned out great the glaze not so much.
It took 3 and 1/2 tablespoons of grapefruit juice to make the glaze a runny consistency so the glaze was on the sour side.
Would changing it up with half water and half grapefruit juice work or would that dilute the grapefruit flavour too much?
I used fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

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Nothing’s likely to be in my oven this month due to life complications, but I was sad to learn that my local cake and candy supply shop has just closed. I loved it for its selection of Guittard chocolate — pound bags of discs in a range of varieties and cocoa percentages, chips in sizes from super micro (10K per pound) to macro (a few hundred per pound) — and bulk tubs of my favorite Guittard Cocoa Rouge, as well as other chocolates, all kinds of cake boards and boxes and liners by the piece, decorations, and so much more. Great people, too. Sad that I’ll be left with what’s at the big box stores or buying online.


Oh, no….Spun Sugar? So sorry to hear that they’re closing - such a special spot.


Yes. Beekelyside says:

SPUN SUGAR* We hate to break it to local bakers, cake decorators and candy makers, but Linda Moreno’s one-stop boutique oasis for chocolate, sanding sugars, candy molds, bakeware and all essential and specialty sweet supplies for the high-end confectioner (or hobbiest) has closed. Not just a sugar shop, Spun Sugar was also a wonderful local resource for classes in the sugar arts, and Moreno let Nosh know via email that her reasons for closing the store were to deepen that focus. “Just changing my path to teach more,” said Moreno, “And step away from a six-day week and long hours.” Sweet news for future students.”

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Joanne Chang (Flour) calls these Heart Healthy Scones, but as they have no butter and no cream, they are not very scone-like. I’ve made them several times, preferring to call them Muffin Tops, and have moved the recipe from my scone file to my muffin file.

By any name, we love them as a relatively healthy breakfast treat, heavy on the fruit and nuts. This version has partial whole wheat flour, with dried blueberries, apricots, walnuts, a hint of cinnamon and raw sugar topping.


As usual, bought a lot of rhubarb! I made the Smitten Kitchen Big Crumb Coffee cake… just as good as I remember. https://smittenkitchen.com/2008/02/big-crumb-coffee-cake/


I don’t believe I’ve ever made that! AND i have a metric ton of rhubarb!!!

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I LOVE that cake!

Strawberry cupcakes.


Highly recommend: it’s wonderful!

I realized that my cookie stash in the freezer had dwindled to nothing, so went with a quick and reliable recipe: https://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/biscoff-oatmeal-cookies/ Phew, crisis averted.


Nothing fancy but I was looking for a way to use up sweet buttermilk (from making butter) and stumbled on this recipe. It called for regular buttermilk (i.e., cultured/sour) so I put a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt in the buttermilk and let it sit out a couple of days and it tasted about right, so I went ahead and used it in this recipe.

We’ve got fewer seed lovers than un-lovers, so I only seeded 3 of them. I just used a water brush to adhere the seeds pre-bake, but probably would have gotten more to stick with a diluted egg wash. Oh well. These are big, fluffy guys 4.5-5" diameter, and at near-cooled mass would weigh 41 ounces per 8-pack.

Now I just have to avoid the temptation to sample one before tomorrow’s hamburger lunch. I’m thinking these will be fine overnight bagged, as long as I let them cool to RT before bagging.


If it were me, I’d loosely cover with foil; if I can’t see it I’m not tempted to eat it.

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Made Rum Baba last Friday for a crowd. Personally I love this dessert, I was surprise to find that many people actually dislike it and didn’t touch it. Some said they disliked dessert with alcohol, other said the texture sucked. Anyway, I found mine pretty good for a first time. The recipe is from Conticini.

The syrup included pineapple and orange juice, rum, star anise, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar.
The whipped cream has vanilla, orange peel. I baked the yeast cake a day before. Soaking was quick, less than a minute on each side of the cake. Added an extra dose of rum in the soaked cake with a syringe.

Next time, I will brush abricot jam to give an extra shine on the cake.


They were unworthy, looks luscious!


As @Aubergine said, they weren’t worthy :joy:. I love a good baba.


I made the Cook’s Illustrated British Style Scones with Currants again, have made them several times before. Best to weigh your flour! This time I plumped up the Currants with a little brandy.

I must have been ½ asleep because instead of 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, I did
2 eggs, 2 cups milk … caught my mistake just in time. You really have to pay attention when you follow a recipe. Good thing I had more eggs and milk!


Yes! She needs to invite us over!


Great you caught it quickly!

Haha, I had problem about the same problem of half falling asleep last time I was making my tart. After I added the ingredient and the dough was made, but “the dough” looked creamy. I weighed my package of flour again (1kg), the recipe should use 500g, but the remaining packaging weighed about 630g. I added 100g flour, feeling I’d fixed the problem. The dough raised a lot during the baking. So something was still off.

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