What Are You Baking? December 2023

I often wondered if I could use those in the oven!

Not sure I’d risk the plastic at higher temperatures, but at the standard 350F, it doesn’t even get particularly hot relative to the metal. and emerges completely unscathed. I now have a couple stashed in the drawer that houses rolling pins, pastry brushes, thermometers, etc.


I score lines in brownies while they’re still warm from the oven and in the pan to get them sharp – once they cool, if you have the desired crinkle top, it is more likely to crumble when a knife goes in, which are the cracks I think you’re describing in the chocolate layer.

I’ve also been lightly buttering the knife or, of late, my Oxo turner if I’m giving them away, for clean lines with no crumbs / stickiness. (Sounds fussy, but works better for neat pieces than the previous method of chilling them before cutting – recent pic here.)


A while back I did it here with a pan of Supernatural Brownies.


Yes, Caitlin, I thought that it would work better as a standard cookie without the last minute fiddling. I have several recipes for spicy chocolate cookies, it was the marshmallow in this that was interesting. But I will go back to tried-and-true, like a thai chile truffle!

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Using up the last of my pistachio paste with two items, one being this pistachio pound cake with white chocolate glaze. Absolutely delicious!


Been doing it for years

Thanks for the hints - recipe said cool completely before cutting but you’re correct that the cracks were in the crinkled tops. I’ll try scoring when still warm. Also easy enough to lightly butter the knife for final cuts.

Oooh - is there a recipe to pass along? I’ve had a jar of cream of pistachio nut spread for a while and haven’t been brave enough to try it. This looks wonderful!

From one of my favorite channels:

I creamed the pistachio paste with the butter as I typically do. And I add leavening and salt with the butter, too.

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I’ll have to watch at home and write down the ingredients and process. Thanks!

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The ingredients are in the description box.

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Thanks - that wasn’t showing up for me for some reason!

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me too!! It’s really a life saver…

Bragging time. My 16 year old grandson ba
ked this cake(chocolate with peanut butter frosting) all by himself for his brother’s birthday.


Wow, very impressive!

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I should explain that my grandson got a tarantula for his birthday and all that chocolate zigzagging represents a web.


Very impressed by this.

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No knead sourdough bread. I left the dough ferment for 16hrs in the fridge. This is such an easy recipe.


Baking folks: the nominations for Dish of the Quarter are on, and there are 2 baking items nominated so far (Savory Tarts and Quick Breads) if you’d like to participate: