What Are You Baking? December 2023

We’ve hit peak baking month, with all the holiday celebrations and gifting. What’s in your oven?


It’s mostly all Christmas baking for me: did a blitz the last 2 days to get the bulk of it done. Details on the holiday baking thread…


I had large ambitions for today’s cookie baking, with 3 recipes lined up. One got made. Mirro Snow Flakes, a cookie press small cookie. It was so good I made a second batch of them so I can send a full dozen to each family. That used up the shortening I had planned for another press cookie (peanut butter). And filled the table with cookies cooling on racks.
So we had lunch out. Followed by a stop to get more shortening. Followed by putting all the Snow Flakes in freezer containers to stay fresh. By then it was time to get ready for a concert. I’ll bake tomorrow… (do you sometimes hear an echo from Gone With the Wind)?

I was reminded how much I LOVE making cookie press cookies. The OXO press I bought a few years ago is so much easier to use than the 1950’s one I grew up with.


Kourabiedes (Tess Mallos recipe from The Complete Middle East Cookbook) and Melomakarona from the Olive Tomato blog. I used a ratio of 3:1 flour to semolina.

These Melomakarona were a bit of a fail. I cut down the recipe and might have made a mistake or technical error. I will try another recipe and follow it mor carefully another time .




I love the ATK recipe for Pecan Crescents (you can use other nuts); I can post here if you like.

To make them less fragile, helps ALOT to age the dough in the fridge 1-3 days.

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Sure, I’d be interested in seeing the recipe :slight_smile:

My crescents ( kourabiedes) turned out fine, it was the honey -dipped cookie (melomakarona ) that was the fail!

The kourabiedes recipe I used this year is a little different because it uses browned butter, which you then allow to solidify before mixing with icing sugar.

I increased the amount of almonds: flour because that’s how we like them in our family.
Tess Mallos’ recipe.

My mom’s recipe has a little more butter, a lot more nuts and less flour.

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This is very similar to the one I have from ATK … note: they rec you roll in powdered sugar only when cookies are cooled off. Can do a second time later on.

Now, I always rest the dough, covered with plastic wrap, in fridge for 1 - 3 … cookies are much less fragile.



First time poster on baking. Nestles toll house cookies . Came out fantastic. Other recs for chocolate chip cookie recipes.


Welcome! Honestly, I love Toll House, and am never as happy when I deviate.


Toll house is a classic. If you’re looking for an equally good choco chip cookie, however, that’s “not a toll house”, King Arther has a great cc cookie recipe. I love the texture and the teaspoon of vinegar (I use lemon juice) is there for a reason.

ETA: Sometimes I’ll had walnuts - not out of place here.


I will give them a try with my chopped pistachios!

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Just tried these “chocolate chip crispy rangers” from Snacking Bakes. Was curious with the added ingredient of rice crispies. Only 3 left by the time I took a pic. Will def make again. The rice crispies add an airy crunch that I like.


Rice Krispies … secret ingredient of Tutu’s Super Crispy Sugar Cookie recipe, Food & Wine, excellent recipe.

(I always add ½ cup finely minced candied ginger.)


Oooh, I just bought some rice krispies for another thing I’ll be baking, but this sounds incredible. Any link to the recipe please?

Never mind - I found it! https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/tutus-super-crispy-sugar-cookies

Oh, but looking at the recipe there is only 1 comment, and the person says the baking temp is incorrect? What temperature do you use?

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Yes, the baking temperature is correct.

For me the best way to flatten them after their initial time in the oven is to tap tap tap them down with my fish spatula.

David Lebovitz bakes cookies one sheet at a time; that’s what I do now.

These cookies are surprisingly good.


Milk bread from Mooncakes and Milk bread. I’ve got a cold and soup and bread are on the menu. I love this bread. Soft and stretchy and slightly sweet.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: 'Nuf said.


Peanut Butter Press Cookies (Teddybear, Camel and ScottyDog shapes) and Molasses Spice Cooikies cookies) (Shell and Trefoil shapes). Both baked at 350 rather than the 375 degrees listed in the recipes. I think I’d increase spice levels another time, maybe doubling the cinnamon and ginger. Also I have dough chilling, filling cooling for Apricot Foldovers. A fun, productive baking day, with one misstep when I brushed the oven control and charcoaled 2 pans at 400 degrees.