What are you baking? August 2022

This is not the same recipe even though they’re both by Reinhart. The one from Artisan Breads Every Day is a better recipe than the one from Bread Baker’s Apprentice. BBA one is not bad, but the ABED one is simpler.

I initially linked Leite’s Culinaria but they have it in cups, so I used the Epicurious link, but I remembered that they have the option for metric as well:

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It’s a little crazy to me that the recipe only calls for 1/8 tsp. salt!

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Have fun


Apricot, blueberry and almond tart…delicious tart, thanks to the apricots. I tried a new to me pâte sablée crust by David Lebovitz and was very pleased with it. Crisp but not hard, cookie style, I rolled very thinly so it was easy to eat with a fork. It did not break or crumble but cut cleanly. Better yet, I had it tucked away in the freezer in the tart mold . Served with a complementary apricot ice cream.



I’ve never made bagels because I live in Los Angeles, CA where you can’t throw a rock without hitting a bagel deli, but I made the ka’ak from Serious Eats. I hadn’t heard of ka’ak until I saw the post on Serious Eats. They were delicious.


i’ve got infinite local apricots and a desire to make a tart. any online recipe you’d point me to?

I wish I could suggest a particular recipe but I rarely follow a recipe for a fruit tart. I generally just guesstimate the amount of fruit and then use the weight as a guide for sugar and thickener. I almost always use a tablespoon or so of “ Moon Dust” on the tart base. If you want to use your apricots, you could lay the pieces on a tart tin or a circle approximating the mold, and use that as your base weight. I convection bake at 400* for ten minutes on a stone , reduce to 375* , turning the tart several times. Would you consider making a 6” tart for a “starter” tart?

No almond cream in your standard tart, is that right? Crust plus moondust plus fruit?

I sometimes use almond crème but 90% are just Moon Dust. I made one with hazelnut crème and pear which was lovely, but most times just with the dust. I’ve also just finely crumbled a dry type cookie on the base.

i thought Moon Dust was pulverized amaretti cookies? Plus maybe some sugar…?

Yes, equal parts of amaretti cookie, flour, sugar, almond meal. Since I make so many tarts, I make a batch and keep it in a jar.

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You could try this one from Bruno Albouze:

Or this mousse cake:


Saw a friend for late birthday drinks tonight: she is gluten free, so made these cookies for her https://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/gluten-free-flourless-fudge-cookies/. They were a bit of a PITA, but they tasted good!


I just made a loaf of English muffin bread in my new countertop oven. The recipe is from King Arthur Flour. One observation is that the top of the bread is rather close to the heating elements so it tends to brown a bit too much. I covered it with a sheet of aluminum foil for the last 10 minutes or so. Next time I’ll cover it about halfway through baking.



Raspberry Bakewell cake …equal parts almond flour and AP make for a very moist cake. Adapted from bbc good food, this cake is even better the second day. A very thick batter, benefits from the addition of a couple tablespoons of milk. Next up is one with cherries which I think will be equally good. Raspberry ice cream was a nice addition to the cake.


Beautiful! Please post results of the cherry cake - I’d like to find a good recipe for cherry cake.

Thank you ! Will do! Couple days probably, I’m making half in a 6” pan.
Last year I made a delicious cake from Epicurious/Bon Appetit. It was called Raspberry Ricotta cake but I made it with cherries and finely chopped chocolate…I inadvertently left the ricotta out and it was still delicious.
So made it again without the ricotta and will continue to do so. Both cake above and this one I double panned the bottom …loose bottom molds, also parchment on bottom and parchment collar, reduce temp to 335*convection bake.

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Pistachio Chocolate Anytime Buns from Snackable Bakes. I don’t

know how to describe this. It’s sort of a cross between a muffin and a bun. Filling consists of melted butter, cocoa, brown butter, salt and almond extract. Everything is mixed into the melted butter. Dough is flour,baking powder, soda, a tinny bit of brown sugar,salt and cold butter, milk. Butter is worked into flour with your fingers. The dough is rolled and folded 3 times. Roll out dough, spread filling sprinkled chopped chocolate and pistachios, roll into a log and cut into 12 equal parts. Bake. After baking toss in sugar but I only sprinkled a bit on. The result is a nice crunchy bun which is a bit sweet but has a bitter taste of chocolate from the cocoa. We loved these buns.


gorgeous shots of this!!

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Apricot “breakfast” crisp (with a few blackberries cuz I had some!)

Nothing breakfasty about this - it’s dessert and it was incredible still warm from the oven with a cup of coffee this morning.
apricot breakfast crisp 8.22

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