What are you baking? August 2022

What’s in your oven?

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I made Alton Brown’s cornbread a couple of days ago. The first time I made this recipe it ruined me for any other cornbread.

It is exactly to my taste: a bit gritty, not soft, no sugar, strong corn flavor, no mix ins.


Thanks mig

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i should try this, it sounds right up my alley.

Corner store oatmeal cookies from Snackable Bakes.

found Halloween candy in my freezer. This is a very crunchy cookie with one of the ingredients being potato chips. She states active time 10 minutes, I guess if you have all your ingredients tout en place but there is minimal dishes to wash. Getting ready for a visit from grandsons.


Whole-wheat, eggless, blueberry-cherry-almond muffins.

I used a King Arthur recipe calling for 100% whole wheat and blueberries. I added 12 chopped Bing cherries (+ 6 halves for decorating), ½ c. toasted almonds (chopped), and subbed ½ t. almond extract for the teaspoon of vanilla. I only made a half batch, but those are the equivalent substitutions for the whole recipe.

I used both yogurt and buttermilk (I had dregs of both to use up). I did not use baking cups, but greased the tin well, including the top, with Everbake (nothing stuck). A 1/3 c. measure gave very full wells of batter. Sprinkled with raw sugar and the cherry-half on top. Baked for 24 minutes.

I was surprised how good these turned out, given the absence of eggs and butter. Moist, dense and cakey, and the fruit combo of berries and cherries with the toasted nuts was perfect. Will make these again.


Thanks Mig! I was away for a while in Ottawa visiting my mother and helping her out, so just catching up on HO. I made some things to bring her, and some while I was there.
First were these sea salt caramel chips chocolate cookies: the recipe is from the back of the package, and they are universally loved. https://www.hersheyland.com/recipes/sea-salt-caramel-chip-chocolate-cookies.html


Also: vegan CCC cookies from Ovenly for a vegan friend’s birthday, and SK’s Strawberry summer cake https://smittenkitchen.com/2011/05/strawberry-summer-cake/ for a dinner that my mother had for friends). Very good, as always!


Frosted snickerdoodle bars from Midwest Made. These are delicious, but eye-wateringly sweet. Also very buttery. We used cardamom instead of cinnamon.


I have been baking all of my bread for years. I am due for making a batch of bagels. Besides tasting better than store-bought they are much less expensive. I can make a dozen everything bagels for less than the price of one at Wegmans.


Blueberry lemon cake from ottolenghi’s simple. I double the salt and put blueberries in wjth the batter tossed with 1T of dry mix. SO GOOD. I brought this to a reunion with friends and one of them nailed it as Ottolenghi. Note that the recipe in the book differs from NYT version


Joanne Chang’s Sticky Sticky Buns.
Making the brioche is a pain in the butt…but oh my goodness are the results tasty.


I have 2 of her books & love her recipes - in fact I will make no other than her banana bread. Well unless I am out of oil, that is.


Bacon for BLTs.

I love those cookies too

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What’s the difference in the book?

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Milk bread from Mooncakes and Milk bread. This is requested often. Such a wonderful fluffy bread. Hope it freezes well because my sil has requested it and they will be here next weekend.


Baath / Baatka / Batica or Goan Semolina and Coconut Cake.

I’m not big on Indian regional desserts, but finding a Goan semolina cake recipe before we went to a Goan HO group dinner a week after trying my hand at Egyptian semolina cake for an Egyptian dinner was tempting!

Lots of variations on recipes I looked up based on people’s (aunties’) family recipes and personal preference.

This was very nice. I am enjoying these semolina cakes that hydrate later to a lovely texture! The semolina was fluffy, the coconut added a different texture and bite.

From an Indian context, a baked variation on coconut barfi. From a semolina cake comparison, last week’s baked up totally dry and then soaked up the sugar syrup overnight to fluff and soften. This one baked like a normal cake, except the soaking of liquid into semolina happened prior to baking.




Looks lovely. Are you ready to share the recipe variation you used?

Today I made a dozen bagels. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult.