What are favorite seasonings/toppings for popcorn?

What are your favorite seasonings/toppings for popcorn?

A few of my favorites -dill pickle seasoning, Old Bay, rosemary and Parmesan, cheese powder, good ol’ coconut oil and salt

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powdered mushroom and salt
nutritional yeast, coarsely ground roasted sunflower seeds and salt

I spray the popcorn with butter flavored cooking spray first.

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My favorite is no toppings , just salt . Second would be using bacon fat . Third is Parmesan .

Bacon fat?
How did you discover that?

From my friend who loves popcorn . It’s pretty awesome .

Nutritional yeast will always and forever be my #1. I use a spray of coconut oil or olive oil so it sticks on better for most toppings.

  • everything but the bagel spice from trader joe’s, i’ll put on anything lately
  • salt and smoked paprika
  • melted butter and a sprinkle of soy sauce
  • coconut oil spray, smoked salt and hemp seeds
  • the 21 seasoning from trader joes

Popcorn is my favorite snack. Browned butter and either flake salt or smoked salt. Around Christmas time I’ll get fancy with cinnamon sugar.

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Butter and furikake! Or olive oil and smoked paprika.


Lately it’s butter ghee and shredded Parmesan. I like to microwave it with the Parmesan on for a few seconds until it crisps up.

An Australian seasoning called chicken salt has been recommended to me, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. It is on Amazon.

Buttah, lots and lots of that fake artery clogging buttah.

Actually a favorite restaurant of mine makes a truffle oil popcorn, salt pepper and truffle oil and parsley…sooooooooo F’n good.

This is my favorite way to make popcorn, although I admit we then top it with browned butter and salt as well. Luckily this is a very occasional indulgence in our household!


I make truly great popcorn using coconut popcorn oil and Flavacol seasoning. Sometimes I top with grated cheese or cheddar cheese powder.

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My favorite at the moment is to pop in coconut oil, then season with salt, white pepper, and cayenne. Then sprinkle will lime juice.

I am also using TJ’s Everything Bagel spice these days, but I grind it up in a spice grinder first.

I once found a spray bottle at TJ Maxx which had much larger holes than a regular spray bottle. It was perfect for distributing popcorn seasoning. It would spray dried herbs, lime pulp, and such. It broke down and I could never find such a gadget again.

Definitely cheese powder!

I usually use white cheddar cheese powder but tried a blue cheese powder yesterday. Definitely a nice very tasty cheese powder option, though I prefer the cheddar.

Not a topping but these are surprisingly good.

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That would definitely surprise me!

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No one has mentioned hot sauce?

A sprinkle of Crystal hot sauce, or Louisiana Red, or Tapatio makes for a nice bowl of popcorn, with the occasional soggy and spicy piece to make it interesting. (My friend uses Tabasco, but I don’t judge her for that.)

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Crystal and Cajun Chef are my favs. You shake it on after popping or in the oil?

I usually do plain yeast or yeast with garlic and salt but tried this mix this weekend and it was great https://wholenewmom.com/recipes/dorito-flavored-popcorn-dairy-free/. I’ve never had Doritos so can’t vouch for the similarity but it was a tasty flavorful blend.

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