Perfect stovetop popcorn!

I dug out some black truffle salt for another thread ad started craving.

I found an interesting “recipe” that involved testing the oil temp with a few kernels, adding the rest when they pop, then removing the pan for 60, 30, 20 seconds so they all came to the right temp and pop together. Sounds good, right?

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I usually pop in a round bottomed wok with coconut oil. I usually use a good bit of melted butter. This time I’ll probably try some ghee.

Many threads suggest techniques, oils, and seasonings.

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Anyone else indulge?

Apparently! I should have searched first.

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We pop corn in avocado oil and only a tablespoon to 8 popped cups.
But we started flavoring it with this yummy blend right out of the air popper. Worth the yellow finger tips!

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Popcorn is an infrequent indulgence for us so I don’t hold back on the fat! I use bacon grease in my pan on the stovetop, and plenty of it. Once the popcorn is done, I dump it into a bowl and add butter directly back to the hot pan, letting it brown and the water cook off completely before pouring it over the popcorn. We usually make enough to fill this bowl, which every child of the 80s will remember:

For that quantity I use probably 6 tablespoons of bacon grease and a stick of butter. It’s not healthy but it surely is delicious!

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