Perfect stovetop popcorn!

I dug out some black truffle salt for another thread ad started craving.

I found an interesting “recipe” that involved testing the oil temp with a few kernels, adding the rest when they pop, then removing the pan for 60, 30, 20 seconds so they all came to the right temp and pop together. Sounds good, right?

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Tori Avery

I usually pop in a round bottomed wok with coconut oil. I usually use a good bit of melted butter. This time I’ll probably try some ghee.

Many threads suggest techniques, oils, and seasonings.

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Anyone else indulge?

Apparently! I should have searched first.


We pop corn in avocado oil and only a tablespoon to 8 popped cups.
But we started flavoring it with this yummy blend right out of the air popper. Worth the yellow finger tips!

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Popcorn is an infrequent indulgence for us so I don’t hold back on the fat! I use bacon grease in my pan on the stovetop, and plenty of it. Once the popcorn is done, I dump it into a bowl and add butter directly back to the hot pan, letting it brown and the water cook off completely before pouring it over the popcorn. We usually make enough to fill this bowl, which every child of the 80s will remember:

For that quantity I use probably 6 tablespoons of bacon grease and a stick of butter. It’s not healthy but it surely is delicious!


There are several popcorn threads, but this is the most recent…and it’s " mine"!

Apparently sheltering in place has been good for popcorn.

I wanted to add these links


I missed this thread first time around. We take our popcorn very seriously at chez digga. Before the pandemic, I would get bulk popcorn by the poundful (I’m so sad that bulk foods were a pandemic casualty). Popcorn is B’s specialty. He pops only in olive oil, in a non-stick stockpot. When we’re feeling indulgent, he’ll add a bit of butter. Throw in a few kernels in high heat, once we hear them pop, he dumps in the rest.

I usually do the flavoring, most often nutritional yeast, Penzey’s Szechuan Roasted Salt&Pepper, sometimes Old Bay, although spring onion finds it a bit too spicy if I’m too heavy-handed.


What I enjoy most about popcorn is the savory break from sweets so I usually air pop or fire pit the kernels and add salt. No butter.


Somebody makes this


That looks like there should be blood, but maybe that’s just me.


Camping trick…but in our case more of a firecracker than a snack.


Peanut oil, Red’s popcorn in the heavy saucepan. Covered till the first pops start then shake shake shake
till its done popping. Into the bowl with the PSTOB going into the hot pan. Add to popcorn along with salt.
Yum… now I’m going to need to make some.

And then there is AB’v version…

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Funny how some people take so seriously what I consider a common every night thing. Microwave popcorn, butter melted in a small bowl. Only cleanup is the popcorn bowl. Interesting about the bacon grease and stick of butter.:slightly_smiling_face: And no offense - but I really could have lived without watching AB winding up with a minimal amount of popcorn (putting it in three different bowls) after all that effort.:slightly_smiling_face:

Stovetop here. Usually a mix of peanut oil and ghee (for that buttery taste :yum:) or bacon fat.

We’re purists at casa lingua, so it’s usually just salt — sometimes pepper if my PIC feels “adventurous” :wink:

I’ve only found one brand of MW popcorn at Wegmans that I like, but I’m generally not a fan.


Open two everyday brown paper lunch bags.

Put two large or three of my handfuls of everyday popcorn into one bag

Fit the other bag over the open top of the popcorn bag and slide down. You should now have a brown paper box with popcorn in it.

Put it in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. Note your microwave may take more or less time but start with that.

While the microwave is going put waaaay too much butter in a ramekin. With no added oil you need the butter in order for the waaaay too much salt to stick. (Please note we consider this a feature and not a flaw. )

Take it out when it quits popping and pour into a big bowl.

Nuke the butter until melted and pour over with salt.

It’s better than prepackaged microwave popcorn because of what’s NOT in it.


It’s gonna be obvious the second you tell me, but what is this an acronym for?

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Partner in crime :wink:

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I’ve posted about this before, but I bought this hand crank model that works with my induction stovetop, so I don’t have to worry about scratching up my glass surface:

I use it with avocado oil and the scarlet kernel popcorn from Rancho Gordo. 2-3T. oil per 1/3 cup popcorn. Everything pops up in 3-4 minutes tops. Salt and sometimes butter (although I like the flavor of the oil) at the end. Cleans up easily too.


I knew it was gonna be obvious. (kicks self)

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I eventually figured it out, which is more than I can say for cdc. I do wonder whether people use the terms in real life or just here.

IRL people know my PIC’s name :joy:

I meant instead of partner, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, etc when referencing them