Weekly Menu Planning May 2023

It’s been good so far- a few hiccups- I couldn’t find the mattress pad and blankets for the guest bed for a while- eventually dug through enough boxes to locate them but hey now I know where the outdoor Christmas lights are.

It’s nice having guests in the brand new guest bedroom and using the brand new guest bathroom. Also really motivating to get some painting done last week


Thankfully we have volunteers scheduled for clean up- but I was there as well going over details. Each family is required to do a certain number of volunteer hours or your membership dues go way up so clean up is rather popular if you find yourself low on hours. And the city (who owns the rink) increasingly wants to do more of the putting things back in order with their employees. So we just have to take down signage and clear out the catering kitchen. My kiddo scored a bunch of Chobani yogurt cups which I never (ever) buy after packing up the judges’s lounge fridge.

It was rather overwhelming but I feel I know so many more families in the club now and since I haven’t been working for a few years, the organizational challenge was very good for me mentally


The June discussion is ready whenever your plan is more in June than May.

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