Weekly Menu Planning – July 2023

You’re so right about how much easier it is for one person. Really good point. I adored the pasta/tomato dish, and I just know LLD wouldn’t.

I think about all the cooking and differing tastes you dealt with in the depths of the pandemic and I’m in awe. Sorry you’re having to go through a different issue now.


I saw that article, and totally identified with it this week! Love meals like your lunch, and I’m crazy about dill havarti.


Cooking for 1 at the Jersey Shore with a funny stomach

Sunday: over-easy egg on buttered toast
Monday: stuffed red bell pepper
Tuesday: Monday leftovers
Wednesday: crustless spinach and feta pie from Skinnytaste https://www.skinnytaste.com/easy-crust-less-spinach-and-feta-pie/
Thursday: Wednesday leftovers
Friday: summer cavatelli with corn, tomato, and zucchini https://www.skinnytaste.com/summer-cavatelli-with-corn-tomatoes-and-zucchini/
Saturday: Friday leftovers


Good reminders of how much I like both of those recipes!!!


The comments are funny (as usual)

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Hi all

Hope you’re having a good summer whereever you are. I am enjoying the monsoon in India after many years, which ranges from unbearably humid heat to cool breezes and moist sprays enjoyed at an open window (while everyone else yells at me to shut the window because the rain will come in and wet the floors / furniture / people :joy:).

Cooking for 3 to 4, including one recuperating, vegetarian senior, plus a new addition for the next 2 weeks because my uncle will be visiting, which will change the cadence and composition of our meals.

Actuals (joke’s on you if you’re looking back at my plan :rofl: – or maybe on me :flushed:)

  • Pasta night: Burrata and corn raviolio (TJs) in a light tomato broth for mom, fettucine aglio olio e peperoncino plus shrimp for us, and fresh rosemary and onion focaccia for everyone
  • Sushi bowls for us, asparagus and paneer stir-fry (same ingredients) for mom
  • Grilled cheese (and ham and cheese) with broccoli soup
  • Chicken wings alla diavola with spinach and ricotta farfalle (mom had “desi” pasta)
  • Chutney bheja fry (offal, not going to elaborate) with fresh pao (dinner rolls)
  • Laksa (from a packet but doctored)
  • Parsi feast (takeout): Mutton Dhansak, brown (caramelized onion) rice, kababs, papad
  • Masoor (brown lentil) Biryani – just like Biryani, but meatless, Delicous.

Ideas for this week (adjusted for uncle’s constraints / preferences, but I am sure this will change):

  • Tonight: Mushroom and spinach quiche for us (deep Thomas Keller version if I can swing it), eggless spinach and ricotta “quiche” for mom
  • Mutton Biryani (homemade or my favorite place, my guess is mom will want us to make it at home)
  • Indian Chinese: Hakka noodles, fried rice, soya chilli chicken, paneer Manchurian
  • Thai green curry (chicken for us, mixed veg & paneer for mom)
  • Chicken curry (our simplest home favorite)
  • Prawns with peas, dal, rice
  • Fish curry + rice
  • Sushi bowls (spicy shrimp, asparagus, mushrooms, avocado, furikake) – on a night he’s out, though he enjoys sushi so maybe this would be a good break even when he’s home
  • Spanish tortilla, chorizo, alioli (pasta for mom) – ditto, but I know he loves Spanish food too

Ongoing wishlist (so I don’t forget what I want to eat :rofl:):


I always have an ongoing wish list too! Sometimes things stay on it for months …


I’m planning for two adults and a semi-picky 6-year old in Asheville, NC. We’re looking at:

Mon: Seared tuna sushi bowls with cucumber, avocado (if I can find a ripe one before tonight), and pickled ginger, topped with furikake and Sriracha mayo dressing. Kiddo will have rice, avo, cukes, and probably chicken nuggets or tuna salad on the side. Steamed, salted edamame

Tue: pulled chicken tacos (for kiddo) and cauliflower soyrizo tacos

Wed: date night out

Thurs: BLTs and maybe Alison Roman’s garlicky dill zucchini on the grill pan

Fri: probably food truck or maybe I’ll pick up subs for a picnic at a brewery

Sat: Greek stuffed tomatoes

Sun: TJ’s Japanese fried rice with fried egg and kimchi, probably also pork dumplings for kiddo


Have you tried the zucchini recipe? We have lots of CSA zucchini to work through, and the dill is trying to bolt

Very curious: you transported fresh ravioli from TJ’s to Mumbai?


Yep, frozen for travel.


In my case, sometimes years


Not yet!

We’ve got the Canadian wildfire smoke all the way down here in North Carolina. You can see it in the air. Of course we always have to have the windows closed (a/c on) In July, but it’s still weird.


The birria meat - with chuck roast - worked well. I cut the 2.8 lb roast into about 8-10 chunks and marinated overnight. I cut waaaay back on the chiles in the marinade, using about half of a dried guajillo and one chipotle, as well as the tablespoon or so of adobo sauce in the can of chipotles. DS said it was still noticeably spicy, though - “noticeable and annoying.” I’d call it more black pepper level of spicy than cayenne. So, for anyone who doesn’t like heat, I would suggest cutting back or even omitting both kinds of chiles - but maybe add more of the crushed tomatoes, vinegar, and smoked paprika to get enough flavor.

The tacos were terribly messy but so tasty…


Laughing at “noticeable and annoying”.


Recalling many years back when you told us about Lulu parroting a friend’s “I don’t like spicy food,” so you and LLD carefully stopped describing food as spicy and Lulu kept happily eating spicy food.


Yes! And we had a guest to dinner once who apparently found the meal spicy. He turned to Lulu and said “so, you like spicy food.” She took a big bite and said “no.”


I don’t know about guajillo, but I find canned chipotles more smoky than spicy, and chipotle powder (which I bought to carry to India for mexican cooking as an easier ingredient than the cans) even less spicy. (It’s a different smokiness and flavor to my palate than spanish smoked paprika, though.)

Glad the tacos were a success!


Spicy is so subjective! DS can tolerate green chiles (one can in a batch of chili) as well as regular chili powder, but not much with higher Scoville units - at least as far as we’ve figured out. I like chipotle hot sauce but am iffy on actual chipotle peppers… Maybe next time I will try this with some ancho chile powder.