Weekly Menu Planning - February 2023

I haven’t seen the Florida Project yet. It’s showing on March 7th.

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Last weeks actuals were a good bye to the wonky old oven and hello to the new one. Things did not go smoothly so there was pasta, rice pasta stovetop until yesterday and I may have to re learn some cooking temps and times recipes as this oven cooks faster and doesnt dry meatballs out like the old one did.
Last night we had Budget Bytes Barbecue meatballs with cheesy grits and swiss chard.
Plans are cheeseburger Friday and the wish list for next week includes
Beef stew
Pizza, not homemade but take and bake from Aldi


@ChristinaM I’ve only ever had it vegetarian, at home, and it was simple and delicious – no grinding anything (vs the recipe I linked), just sliced onions, grated ginger, whole spices, a sliced green chilli, coconut milk, and when all that has melded, a bunch of assorted vegetables (carrot, cauliflower, peas, potatoes, green beans, or whatever else is on hand, it’s very flexible).

I may do that instead of grinding the onions and garlic, which would create a thicker / more curry-like base. Will report back.

We eat it with appam (soft dosas) or idiappam (steamed rice noodles) or rice (my dad doesn’t like the first two :sweat_smile:) – I think I might boil some Thai rice noodles and use those.


Hi, all! Cooking for 2 in Chattanooga, where it’s chilly outside (but nothing like the East Coast/Canada are getting) and toasty inside thanks to DH’s handyman skills :slight_smile:
Breakfast: Cinnamon streusel coffee cake from my Mom’s recipe files
Saturday, February 4: Pork chops with kale (pork for him, kale for me, haha), twice-baked potatoes
Sunday: Black bean and squash chili, biscuits?, pear kuchen
Monday: Broiled not grilled shrimp with couscous and Swiss chard
Tuesday: Scrounge
Wednesday: Spinach and ricotta gnocchi from an old Bon Appetit
Thursday: Scrounge
Friday: TBD, maybe takeout/eat out?

Stay warm, everyone! May your furnaces function appropriately and your kitchens filled with cozy food. Happy cooking!


I just heard big sub zeros are in your future. Be safe and keep warm!


So sorry about the bento box experience, and I’m glad you’re feeling better. LLD has been telling me various Canadian city’s temperatures to make me feel better about our chilly weekend. Just makes me feel bad for everyone going through it!


Yay for the new stove!

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Thankfully our cold snap is only lasting two days (yesterday and today) whereas it usually lasts a week. It was -29 when I got up this morning and it is now -26. I’m trying to convince myself progress is good :wink:


It’s one of those days where I have to wear everything when I go out. I am now at home making chicken soup on the stove top for lunch and I have a stew in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.


Good afternoon from a seasonally very pleasant northwest England, where I spent an hour this morning pottering round the garden, starting to tidy up the flower beds. Loads of snowdrops out now and the “snowdrop walk” at the back of the garden looks a treat, even though the “walk” is only about four metres long.

Some new recipes for us this week and a couple of old ones as well

Sat - prawn cocktail, followed by braised leg of lamb and veg (a Delia Smith recipe from her Winter Collection). Cheese for afters - we’ve got Duckett’s Caerphilly, Gubbeen and Delay’s “Tasty” Lancashire

Sun - Aubergine cassoulet - (Nigel Slater recipe)

Mon - an Asian-esque chicken & potato bake, with turmeric, cumin, mustard seeds, ginger and chillis . Packet of ready made daal makhani fo a bit of moistness

Tues - baked cod with chorizo, spuds and veg (as yet undetermined)

Weds - out for dinner to a local Syrian retaurant.

Thurs - beef bourgninon from the freezer brown gloop drawer for herself. Locally shot pigeon breasts, from the farmers market, for me. Spuds & veg

Fri - pork satay stirfry, with noodles - only cos we’ve somehow got a packet of stirfry sauce that needs using. Don’t recall buying it.


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Hi, everyone. Cooking for two adults and a tween in the Boston burbs. It’s cold here and so I am distracting myself with planning some fun travel for later this year.

Sun: fettucine with white ragu (Smitten Kitchen Keepers or SKK), roasted asparagus. Also making farro salad with roasted tomatoes (SKK) for my lunches this week.

Mon: roasted tilapia with cherry tomatoes (NYT), side dish tbd

Tues: turkey burgers (patty melt style, maybe?) and spiced sweet potato oven fries (SKK)

Weds: tbd - currently blank on the menu board on our fridge! - need to figure something out before grocery shopping tomorrow.

Thurs: “Baja bowls” (https://iamhomesteader.com/wprm_print/106896) with some tweaks.

Fri: homemade pizza - BJ’s (warehouse club) had King Arthur type 00 pizza flour, so I semi-impulse-bought it. I’m planning to try the neapolitan dough recipe on the bag, which means making it Thurs night for a long slow rise.


Sounds fun @truman Where all is on your travel wish list?

Oh, I wish.

We currently have medical issues that mean we can’t get travel insurance for a while. We’re just having to content ourselves with UK breaks until it’s sorted then whoooosh, we’re off.

Where are you thinking of going to?

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@Rasam and @Harters we are going to Los Angeles in August - a few days at Disneyland and a few days in the general Hollywood area. I also have a milestone birthday this fall and we’re going to London over the (US) Thanksgiving break in late November. So, lots of flight time!


Happy birthday waay in advance, and wish you safe and fun travels.

I also have a milestone birthday coming up. I did a great trip last fall (to Oman) with a sibling who also had a milestone birthday, it was the trip of a lifetime, but now I want another trip! Sometime this year, somewhere or other, whenever time allows, wherever the budget allows.


I hope all of you are keeping warm.

For two adults in San Diego:

This week’s breakfasts: I did not bake a cake last week, but instead baked a batch of chocolate chip scones again. So quick, so good.

S: (tonight) takeout - flatbreads from the pub across the street (pepperoni for him, meatball and caramelized onions for me)

Su: Pasta with chicken, tomatoes, spinach in a spicy garlic cream sauce

M: We both have Zooms till 7pm, a little later than we normally eat as part of his glucose regulation, so we’ll eat the leftovers of tonight’s flatbreads.

T: Chicken quesadillas with guacamole

W: TJs gorgonzola gnocchi with spinach, shallots, and spiced pecans - vegetarian

Th: Crab cakes with Caesar salad and garlic bread - seafood

F: TJs Mandarin chicken, veggies, and rice

Have a good week!


Good time to visit the capital, IMO. If ever it can be said that London has a quiet time for tourists, then this is probably it. Well past the summer influx of foreign tourists but not yet crammed with Britons on Christmas shopping trips.

I lost out on a significant birthday celebration trip at the beginning of the pandemic (Western Canada & Alaska cruise). Lost out on a signifciant anniversary trip last summer as we had Covid. And have lost out on two subsequent cruises due to the medical issues. Mrs H has a signifciant birthday upcoming in July but nothing is planned as yet.


Cooking for 1 at the Jersey Shore and trying to use stuff in the freezer:

Sunday: leftover lasagna with ground turkey
Monday: ham steak, baked potato, green beans in lemon vodka cream sauce (New Midwestern Table)
Tuesday: mini (turkey) meatloaf with tomato glaze (Smitten Kitchen), mashed potatoes, carrots roasted with thyme
Wednesday: fresh (frozen) spinach pasta with leftover tomato sauce from the freezer
Thursday: leftovers from Wednesday
Friday: pepperoni pizza from the freezer


That sounds like a lot of upset travel plans @Harters I hope that 2023 or 2024 can successfully revive some of them.