We love Cheese!

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@naf, love your cheese selection this time. The same Camembert I had there was no calvados. Thanks for the story behind the pyramid shaped cheese.

Hard to know the makers of my favourite Dutch cheeses. Half the time there’s no specific name on the receipt, just “xyz cheese, price per kilo, cost of the piece I buy”. I can think of 1 maker whose aged cheese I buy sometimes. You can even order through their site here.

@PhilD, thanks. I used to have a picture of the correct ways to cut different types of cheese.

Slicing in slices became a habit as my packed lunch is bread and cheese for the rest of the week. Flat slices are more efficient to pack and to eat. I’ve just looked through older photos of cheese and found many soft round wheels were cut correctly, below is 1 example.

The illustration


A very good reason indeed.

I do envy the range of cheese you get - here in Australia we get a pretty poor range of local cheeses (some good exceptions) and horrendously priced imports which are often a bit tired by the time they get here.


Since you will be in France in July, enjoy the maximum. Cheese from Jura - Comté, Morbier, Bleu de Gex, Cancoillotte, Mont d’Or and Vacherine Mont d’Or (although Mont d’or is a winter/spring cheese). You should be able to find Comté more than 30 months or even goes up to 40 months if you talk to the right people.

In the Burgundy you find Epoisses, Soumaintrain, Charolais (Charolles), Plaisir au Chablis and Langres.

Around Lyon, there are Saint-Felicien, Saint-Marcellin, Rigottes de Condrieu…


Thanks for the link! The shop looks good, though some cheese they said it’s Gouda, some just goat cheese.

Although there is Camembert au calvados, but this one doesn’t contain the alcohol. It is just produced in Calvados. So should be the same one you have bought. It’s true, quite confusing when I saw Calvados in the interior. No Calvados is mentioned on the box.


Thanks - yes lots of good local cheese is on the agenda and this is a useful list.

Saint Felicien and Marcellin are two of our favourites and generally don’t travel too well and my wife likes really old Compté (we used to buy it in Paris).

Hopefully we will also find some good local markets with freshly made chèrve - I think I need to plot the market days into our trip. Man can not live on wine alone…

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Perhaps my favourite way for a cheese course. I’ve visted the small town of Albert, Department of the Somme, a number of times and eaten in a restaurant there which does this. Salad comes with a nicely mustardy dressing. And bread, of course. Cheese trolley usually has about 15 or so different ones, all from northern France.

British way is generally to serve it with biscuits, celery, chutney & grapes.

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Currently enjoying “Crabtree” , an alpine style cows milk cheese, made in Cheshire (and bought at the farmers market) Quite mild and slightly nutty.

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Very nice. Looks and sounds like the Kaltbach le Gruyere I had recently.

Speaking of which, I will get it again tomorrow. Hope there’s still some left.


That must be the first picture I ever see from you…!


The sheep-goat Chebris from the Basque region is a big yay. Complex, earthy and savory.


@Presunto I don’t know how you manage to get your cheese to look so nice. This is how mine usually look like.

Despite a messy appearance, this Brillat Savarin is totally worth it.

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@sck , yes, BS is a very good and decadent. Most often sold nearing Christmas.
LOL… I made photos of BS in the winter. If some cheese is soft and has a tendency to ooze a lot I just make photos soon after taking it out of the fridge to minimise the mess.

I am rarely repulsed by smell of cheese but this time… almost. :mask: After a couple of minutes I hardly smell it. The partner groans and makes comments throughout. Raw milk cheeses usually smell (very) strong anyway, which these are.

The one in the middle is the worst. It’s Belgian.

They are small, but not the cost. Got them from the expensive cheese shop behind my pub. The owner and the brewer are friends.

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From last week. Already started eating before I had time to make photos. The Italian one from Tirol tastes and looks a lot like typical Swiss Gruyère and Appenzeller.


I forgot about my cheese for a few days. They went bad :cry:

My Camilla, Andante Minuet- gone!


If they aren’t in the peak condition, use them for cooking.


Oh I am pretty sure they are past that stage for cooking as well…


Got some delicious cheese tonight.

Spanish Mahon. They say it tastes sweet, nutty, sharp, and buttery. It tastes like smoked ham to me, in a good way.

Point Reyes Toma. Local cheese. Story is here.

Can’t stop eating these two.

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I haven’t had Mahon. Looked it up… quite delicious, and is from Menorca.

From last weekend. All nice and creamy, and rich. I really enjoy the goat’s milk camembert. It’s not so common.

Everything was oozing so fast as the room was warm.


Are the two brillat savarin on the left the same? How do you like them vs other brillat savarins?

This week’s are Tomme de Savoire and Old Amsterdam. I was reading the story of the Old Amsterdam that the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers took Old Amsterdam on board a space mission in December 2011.

I wonder how cheese, or specifically, Old Amsterdam, tastes in space.

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Yes, the 2 BSs are the same. I always buy 2 as this cheese is very limited, only available for holidays.

If you can find Délice de Bourgogne eat it next to the BS to see which one you like more. I prefer BS.

Tomme de Savoie is always nice (raw milk version is sold here). Old Amsterdam is OK, one of the few Netherlander aged cheeses I don’t mind eating.

Well, in space cheese still has to be brought to room temp for at least 30 minutes. Longer if it’s the aged kind :cheese: