We love Cheese!

We got some of that Reypenaer at their store in the 'dam. Fab cheese & good travel companion.

There are several stages of ‘oldness’, I think this one is the oldest, tastiest and most expensive. And you are right that it is a good travel companion. I often bring it with me on trips as it keeps so well.

Oops, accidently pasted the wrong second pic of the French cheese. Supposed to be sliced and without the label.

Two cheeses from the FM this weekend. A really sharp 10 year cheddar and a Gouda. The cheddar is good. Have not tried the Gouda yet.

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That aged Gouda looks good, AussieS.

My 2 new ones this week. The brie is OK, I prefer the one from last week. Both are unpasteurised but the other one was a lot more flavourful.

Move over Délice de Bourgogne. Good bye! Brillat Savarin makes Délice de Bourgogne look like a block of pure butter. I don’t care fore the added truffle bits but the cheesemonger didn’t have the plain kind.

Out of curiousity I looked up how much it costs in the US… saw the prices $20 and $30 (in Canada, and US respectively). Wow. I paid eur.10 for it. I understand there are taxes and other import charges North Americans must pay.

Simply pure gastronomic indulgence! Is there another cheese that can top this, anyone knows?

Back to brie de Meaux last week

Good thing I used some parchment paper because the Brillat Savarin was oozing fast making a bit of a mess.


Hi Presunto, you really like brie de Meaux, it appears several times, if I recalled. Then I have to agree with you, it’s good.

Actually like the shape of the bread you have. What bread is it? how is it called?

OK my term now, we have a cheese lunch today. First cheese is the Swiss Gruyère 2 years réserve: I really like this cheese, subtle but a lot of favours.

The seller was so proud of his cheese and he posed with it.

The second cheese is Comté from Marcel Petite, Gruyère style of Cheese. When buying we tried a 24 months and a 36 months. We both voted for the 3 years old. It has a much stronger character and more taste: fruity and nutty.


Comte is one of my favs.

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We visited the Wensleydale factory a year or so ago, and I never saw so much tasting going on in my life! If anyone is ever in the Yorkshire Dales, do stop there to look around. Lots of shops in the UK sell what they call, ‘Wensleydale,’ but the real one has a certain thing on the label that tells one it’s really made at the authentic factory.

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It’s labelled “Yorkshire Wensleydale” and has European Union PGI status.

A stop at the http://www.graftonvillagecheese.com/ store never disappoints.

Cool piccies, Naf! Is it the 3 year old Comté? Looks like it.
I used to eat Gruyère, Appenzeller, Comté, Beaufort etc and the likes but I just stopped. Probably because I didn’t try any of the aged stuff. Would love too. Cheesemongers have big, huge wheels of them but I don’t remember seeing really old Comté. I shall have another look next time I visit the cheesemonger.

Btw, the bread is rye sourdough, made by the bakery under the windmill seen in pic below. There they mill grains and bakes own breads and pastries. Both the asparagus farm and the windmill bakery are about 15mins cycling from my house (I don’t live in the countryside but it’s really close to my house).

Zuriga and Harters, oneday I will find the real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese. I don’t remember seeing the actual word Yorkshire and an official seal of PGI on it.
Btw, Lidl here has flavoured “Wensleydale” on sale this week. Haven’t been there to check the fine print of the cheese.

Love both, but I will say there is something extra luxurious about Brillat Savarin…

Yeah, it’s the 3 years old Comté, the producer had some 42 months, but they were sold out unfortunately.

I just looked up my encyclopedia on cheese, comté AOC is graded from 1-20. The best note are the 15-20/20 and they got a green label, with a sticker around the wheel.

The minimum to get the appellation of Comté note needs to be 12/20, those Comté between 12-14 will get a brown label.

Those cheese with quality inferior than 12/20 cannot be called Comté but sell it as Gruyère.

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I had no idea so thanks for this info! I only need to look out for the green label then.

Biondanonima, I have found the plain version of Brillat Savarin! More cheese indulgence this weekend.

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Found this in So Cal. I’ve been to their Seattle shop and really enjoyed a few of their offerings. This was slightly dry and very nutty. We enjoyed it with a cocktail.

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Across the pond from you, Trader Joe’s used to carry Red Fox. We (and everyone we recommended it to) just loved it. It hasn’t been around for a long time. Whole Foods had Sparkenhoe for a while, but for me at least, it was a big disappointment after the Red Fox. Apart from those two, I don’t recall ever seeing Red Leicestershire anywhere.

Starting to eat blue cheese again only recently. Due to my allergies I couldn’t eat any veined blue cheese at all before. Now I can again but only a tiny chunk at a time or it will be too overwhelming.

Shared both with favourite employees at my regular brew pub earlier today. Beer is from the tap, also from the brew pub.

Just had dinner and am eating cheese again. Both are wonderful.

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You are so fortunate to have access to such shops and handmade cheese! Don’t take them for granted!


From Lidl. I’ve had the top row before but not from Lidl. Found out when I was going through older cheese photos on hard drive. The hard cheese can wait til I return from my hols.

Where and by whom it’s made