Walnut Creek area lunch?

Hello. Any suggestions for good affordable food spots in the WC-Concord area?

I used to like Main Street Kitchen, although I haven’t been since May 2021 and they had scan-the-code-for-the-menus.


Two Sichuan Suggestions:
Sichuan Fortune House
Sichuan House

It has been a couple of Years since we have been to either but both were quite good.
We only ordered Sichuan Dishes cannot speak to their Sino-American Food.

There are also a number of Afghani Restaurants in Concord that are pretty barebones but good Afghan Food.
These were all quite good:
Abas Hamidi Afghan Cuisine
Afghan Cuisine
Chopan Kabob


Aung Maylika in Concord. The topics below are for their Benicia location but they got a space in Concord. I haven’t had a chance to write up my visit a couple of months but the food was very good.


Thanks everyone; especially for all the Asian recommendations!




If you are in the downtown WCreek area (not the Broadway Plaza, but north of it past Mt. Diablo Blvd.), heartily recommend Lita, Caribbean/Latino food. We had an outstanding lunch there in mid-2023. Loved the ceviche sampler, excellent curry shrimp pasta and a perfectly grilled hanger steak. Skip the boring donut holes and if they have it, get the spiced pineapple upside-down cake!

Fun atmosphere, excellent service. Not sure it fits your definition of affordable, however.


Unfortunately, Sichuan Fortune House’s menu has been pared down in recent years and some of their more unique dishes have been simplified.

Afghani is a good call


Thanks for that. Good to know.

Speaking of Szechuan, Tasty Szechuan in Concord is a fairly new addition (since January?) to the neighborhood. This restaurant offers many Szechuan dishes plus a hodgepodge of other regional Chinese food, such as XLB, Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken etc. Spice level is high.


Same owners as the one in Hayward

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I didn’t make it to any of these places last week because I had less time than expected… I’ve been driving out to WC pretty regularly for work and I usually have several hours to kill. I’ll be back next Tuesday and I’ve got my mind set on Afghan cuisine! I drove by some of the strip mall spots in Concord and they looked great, but I ended up getting seafood tacos (really good shrimp + octopus) at Isla due to time constraints. I’m definitely going to Abas Hamidi next week! :yum:

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This place looks good but a few of the menu staples seem a bit instagram novelty (lobster corn dogs doughnuts etc). the elote looks great and the guava ceviche seems interesting… have you tried their jerk chicken?

Abas Hamidi Afghan Cuisine is a good call, mother cooks and, sometimes, son runs FTH. I had, at times and with varying degree of success, remind her not to overcook the Kabob. Always enjoyed their Mantoo, Bolanee, etc.

Enjoyed INTERNATIONAL MARKET & GRILL also, out of 2 visits.

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Speaking of tacos nearby, birria and lengua tacos here will stuff you with delicious meat:

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