Aung MayLika Benecia [SFBA]

We’ve regularly been getting takeout from here, even before the lockdown. They also have a branch in Concord.

Last night we got spicy chicken curry, which was excellent. We usually get the lamb curry which has a similar flavor profile. The curry is rich in warming spices with a subtle hint of cinnamon.

We also got the samosas soup which was excellent. We usually get the cat fish chowder which is also excellent.

They also sell fermented tea leaf and crunchy accompaniments for making tea leaf salad at home and we regularly order that too.

They also sell a spicy shrimp relish which is delicious and we always get. We serve it with Thai sticky rice. Unfortunately one of the owners told me that I was getting the last batch for a while, one of the ingredients is imported from Myanmar and they have been having trouble getting it because of the pandemic.

We phoned in our order and went to pick it up at the restaurant but they also do Doordash.


Yay! Solano County!

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