Viking Professional 5-Ply Cookware

This line is 5-ply, aluminum core, made in the USA. Does anyone know anything else about it, such as manufacturer or thickness of aluminum? Any experience using it?

I’m trying to help my mom upgrade her cookware and she really likes the look of the Viking rondeau and is willing to spend the money. I personally have mostly Demeyere 5-Plus and have been eyeing a Fissler Rondeau for myself, but mom is interested in the Viking.


Sorry, but I cannot help that I initially interpret this wrong.

I don’t own (or have ever used) a Viking pan. But when I was shopping for clad SS cookware quite a few years ago they were a brand I looked at and researched (along with All Clad, Cuisinart, and Tramontina).

I found three somewhat consistent complaints regarding the 5ply Pro lineup:

1.) The 2.5mm thickness is actually thinner than the 3mm of their China made 3 ply lineup, and that their heat retention was not as good as AllClad and Tramontina for things like searing.

2.) The handles are long and heavy, and caused some empty pans to tip on some stovetops.

3.) They tend to discolor and warp more than the competition… but I kinda take this with a grain of salt as ANY pan can do this if improperly treated.

My assessment of all of the reviews I looked at was that the USA made 5ply Pro line was not a good value considering its price point vs: the competition.

BUT… I am not sure any of the above really matters when it comes to the kind of pan your Mom is looking for, so if she really likes the look of it and doesn’t mind the price… go for it.

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You ask me that question given the post you made above? What is wrong with you?

I offered up all I had that I thought might be helpful to the OP… and your post (like most of them) was anything but helpful.

Don’t bother replying… Plonk!


Wow, I never expected such a harsh reply coming here for help. I did a ton of research on my own back when I was upgrading my pans a few years back, which led me to Demeyere and Fissler. My mom has a lot of non-stick and a couple SS Emeril pieces and is looking to replace all the non-stick with SS. Knowing all the research I already did for myself she came to me for guidance. I gave her some suggestions, sent her some links, and she started to search a bit on her own. She came across the Viking and asked me what I thought. I didn’t have experience with it and couldn’t find anything about the manufacturer or thickness so I came here seeing if anyone could provide insight.

I’m not sure why I’m even wasting my time defending myself but I was quite taken aback to read this.


Thank you for this. I couldn’t find the thickness mentioned anywhere so that’s helpful to know it’s only 2.5mm.

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You don’t need to defend yourself in the least. Just ignore. (There is also a site feature to mute or ignore specific posters should you feel the need to use it.)


Since you say it’s for your mom, is weight going to be a consideration down the road?

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Welcome to HO, and apologies for that aberrant and hostile response.

The 5-ply Pro is quality clad. It is the only one of the eleven Viking lines made in USA. I believe it’s made by Viking Range Company, LLC in Greenwood MS.

Viking cookware manufacturing has in the past also been jobbed out to Demeyere.


That seems pretty clear to me… and others.


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Thanks for the follow up. My elderly family had problems with some purchases.

If you’re interested in the Fissler I strongly recommend looking in to Lacor Chef Luxe on the various European Amazon sites. So much cheaper than Fissler, made in Spain, and every bit as high quality. This might allow you to afford both of the rondeaus you two want.

Man. I did not read it wrong at first. I thought I read something strange, and then my mind told me: Nah, it probably means something else. I then translated your message as in heat or temperature control issues and we are talking about better cookware to improve the temperature control.

Alas, now I read again and again. You did mean what I initially think. That is not nice. Why attack a poster out of the blue?

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I must be having a rough day.

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20 replies before mine, 8 of them are yours and not one helpful word in the lot.

AND you complain about coming here for useful info, but spit out nothing but venom.

Give the newbie some help or keep the vitriol to yourself please.


Some rando unsuccessfully attempted to troll you over drinking milk this week. None of these people are surprising any more. Best everyone can do is flag him to oblivion and steer the topic back to Fissler, Viking, and comparable alternatives.


Thanks. You may be right about this (about trolling).

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Hi OP I just remembered a comparable alternative to the Viking Rondeau. I had the older Thomas Keller version of this All-Clad model. I believe it was d5 back then, but the update is d3 which is a bit of an improvement. The quality should be neck and neck between the two lines, and the price is roughly 100-200$ cheaper than the various Viking casserole sizes I was able to track down. I really enjoyed the older model, though I probably found it even cheaper as a factory second. I’ve since moved on to a 40-60$ Lacor Chef Luxe. Both styles have their minor tradeoffs.