Viking Professional 5-Ply Cookware

Thank you so much. I took a couple days off from checking back in on this post after that first response from one particular user. I’m glad to see it seems to be a one-off and everyone else has been very nice and welcoming.


Thank you for your helpful and welcoming response. I was aware Demeyere produced the Viking pieces at one point in time but wasn’t sure what the quality was like now that it’s changed manufacturers. My guess is if they’ve once outsourced to Demeyere, they still look for quality construction.

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Thank you for the information on this and the Lacor Chef Luxe! They both look like good options and I’ll look into them a bit more.


Your guess is correct. I visit Clipper’s/Viking’s booths at trade shows, and am always impressed by the levels of fit and finish. From a market standpoint, Viking’s bread and butter continues to be customers who want a little more polish, status and prestige than All-Clad. A decent analogy would be to call Viking playing Staub to All-Clad’s Le Creuset.