Veg Barbecue is a thing?

I’ve had it (and didn’t love it). But putting barbecue sauce on something doesn’t make it barbecue. The jackfruit is sauteed, not slow-cooked.

I can’t believe I’m spending this much time “defending” barbecue. I don’t even eat meat.


I eat meat but don’t seek out BBQ. Or Jackfruit. Or pulled Jackfruit. :rofl:

Maybe there’s a preparation of it that I would like, but that ain’t it. Big fan of ackee and saltfish, though.


Jackfruit is disgusting.

Love okra, though.


Back on subject, grilled okra is the only way I prepare it. Charred, smoky, crunchy, no slime.


I love the slime.

I revel in it.

I steam my okra just to accentuate the slime.

It’s like veggie-forward natto. Or maybe “vegenatto”


What’s important is that it floats your boat. Good show!

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Bottom line for me . I really don’t liked grilled vegetables. I find it like putting makeup on a natural beauty.


Roasting and grilling are my favorite ways to prepare vegetables. I find the dry heat enhances the flavors enormously.

The first time I roasted a head of cauliflower, my son and I actually quibbled over the bits left in the pan…two people ate an entire head of cauliflower and picked the pan clean!

I make a pasta salad with roasted veggies that people requested I bring to gathering back when we gathered.


I can relate though I do enjoy grilled vegetables myself. When the weather is nice and fresh vegetables are abundant, getting outside and grilling produce feels great. After a bit, I need to make it stop.


So, just raw vegetables for you? Eggplant and artichokes must be a challenge!


No not raw . I just dont like the smoke flavor on them

Oh. I can see that. Calling smoke “makeup” was what confused me.

Okra in a curry, or anything else with a sauce of that sort, is great, and whatever slime there is, is totally disguised. Whenever I make chicken curry, I add okra.

Stewed tomatoes with okra is one of my favorites. The acid cuts the slime.

That takes me back–I remember that from my childhood. Canned only–my mother was an extremely unambitious cook.

In a number of states barbecue borders on a religion. There are certain “true” ways to barbecue. I don’t believe any of them feature vegetables. That’s nearly as sacriligeous as beans in chili.


You guys got me interested in seeing what’s up :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not a vegetable, but a 6 hour slow smoked pineapple seems to qualify.

Saison restaurant in San Francisco does a lot of slow smoking of vegetables, sometimes for several days over very low heat.


Sides for barbecue seem to get people pretty energized also. I did a quick Google search (attention: Google is a proper noun, not a verb grin) and the first few promising results were all one-picture-at-a-time galleries. Certainly cole slaw, potato salad, carrot salad, baked beans, roasted potatoes, roast Brussel sprouts, roast tomatoes. Green salad seems to be considered cheating but I defer to the experts.

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