Updates and running commentary from our critters

Munchies. :joy_cat:

Someone trying to get settled for his afternoon nap.


Is there a belly massage going on under there? Owen does that and then he pushes away with all fours. This hot weather has got him sacked out at theclowest elevation he can find in the house.

It’s really hot here, and going to stay that way - but even though we’re ensconced in “air conditioned comfort” as my father used to joke … he called it ACC … the normally heat seeking kittehs are asleep away from the windows, in a shaded part of the bedroom. They aren’t even in a ball. Just next to each other.


He likes to use my hand and forearm as a pillow!


Murphy’s “Mrrrroww!” this morning meant “Mom! He’s touching me!”


Update on the pup?


Good timing. I was thinking about asking @ricepad about Chance as well!

We have settled on “Neko/Nekochan”, and he seems to be responding to it. Vet says he’s 11/12 months old and other than a pretty bad flea infestation skin reaction, he’s in good health. He has no behavioral issues, but he does have a ton of puppy energy, and he really needs a dog friend to play with and show him how to be a dog. We are really growing to love him, but we also do not feel he’s a good fit for us because we can’t provide the kind of home environment he needs and, quite frankly, we don’t have the energy to keep up with him like we would have 20 years ago. Still, we’re giving him as much enrichment as we can - this morning we went to a regional park where he could run (to the extent a 30-foot leash will allow), and he enjoyed trying to creep up on Canada geese and ground squirrels, and went apeshit over all the discs being thrown on the disc golf course.

We still can’t figure out who could have abandoned such a sweet dog.

ETA: Anybody who might be interested in adopting this sweetie can contact me directly, preferably within a comfortable drive of Stockton, CA.


you’re had. give it up. resistance is futile . . . .

the pup has your heart. in our area we have ‘dog parks’ with really big areas where the dogs can run until they’re ‘just too tired’ - no leash ‘length’ involved.

for our Husky - who routinely gets “treats” - we had a ‘bell’ - the bell got rung every time before the dog got his ‘treat’
at the dog park, all we had to do was ‘ring the bell’ and he came running to us at full tilt.
he did, of course, get his ‘bell thingie treat’
worked like a charm.

oh. btw, he is known as Nico - aka Niko - one of those fierce Siberian Husky that’ll lick you to death . . .


Yeah - I hear you about aging and not up to keeping pace with energetic dogs. We are both now in our early 70’s and are living with our 4th and 5th Australian Shepherds. We should have our heads examined, but they are so smart and fun to live with. Very sensitive to our physical woes, affectionate and protective and they have a sense of humor. My DH used to travel on business about half of every year. I always felt safe living where we are remotely, because I had an early warning system and nobody would risk coming through the door with my Aussies on patrol.

I hope you find a solution. From my point of view, these are the last dogs we will have. Breaks my heart, but reality does hit you when you get old.


This is what the grand cat does after spending a week with us!
Otherwise, she’s a ‘pistol’ as my FIL would say. She’s the one who alerted me to the bear a week ago.


My Italian relatives in Connecticut would use the term pistol, wonder if that’s more of an East Coast thing …

My MIL from Massachusetts always used to say “They’re no flies on her”. Took me awhile to understand.


We are fortunate that I happen to have a master key for a couple of schoolyards within walking distance, so while school is out we can let ourselves in, close the gates behind us, and let him run around to burn himself out. I don’t know what we’ll do when school is back in session at the end of the month, though.

What about hiring a good dog walker to take him on walks with other dogs?



Hiding? I thought he was just trying on my clothes …


We had a cat that just loved, loved, loved men’s wool suits, especially the jacket. She would somehow pull one off the hanger and snuggle into the interior or a sleeve. It must have been the scent of her ‘dad’ that caused this behavior. Kneading evidence found in the linings. This is the cat who also enjoyed cantaloupe, which I understand isn’t that unusual.


Our first cat, the magnificent Dude was obsessed with shoes – my shoes, specifically. He also loved getting on top of our friends’ coats and bags 🩷