Unpopular Opinion About Box Cakes

Unless we are playing Scrabble or working the NYTimes crossword puzzle, forgive my fat fingers. Sometimes I go back and correct; sometimes I don’t.

All is forgiven. grin It’s a great word and deserves to be spelled correctly. Gambit is a good word also but means something completely different.

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So running the gamut of cake mixes is a dicey gambit.


Me. Although I haven’t thought about good old Guido since my freshman or sophomore year at conservatory!

Thanks, Teach!

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I’m sure you’ll have the chance to return the favor. No one’s perfect.

Just don’t poke @Harters and his compatriots about extra 'u’s. grin

Feel free to dbl ck my posts anytime. I married the brains of the family.

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It’s not just his compatriots. Keeping those letters where they always belonged is marvellous. (I keep a colourful catalogue of them, a labour of love I suppose. Its cover is aluminium.)

(I dont mind riting in Merican stil lik this, just Mr Webster if yor guna du that yu gota du it ol the wa, o k? Color duzent mak ene sens, it shud be kuler.) :grin:

The big difference is that you can get spell checking in your choice of British English or American English but not your patois.

Now the marketing speak on a box of cake mix is something else entirely.

Box Cake report: Duncan Hines Classic White Cake has a terrific mouthfeel & fluffy texture but… I can’t believe I’m saying this – it’s a tad too sweet. Cake is supposed to be sweet, but there’s such a thing as too much. With frosting it would have been way too sweet.

But - that texture & mouthfeel were better than anything I’ve ever scratched up.

I bought it because I noticed that it required egg whites, and I happened to ahve a few around. Instead of adding one cup of water, I did 1/4 c. lemon juice & 3/4 cup of water. Even w/the hint of lemon it was really sweet.



The egg whites reminded me: I’ve never checked the facts on this, but I’ve heard many times that the first cake mixes were designed to be complete and were a total technical success, but it was discovered that the same mix sold better when the instructions were changed, calling for the addition of an egg. (i.e. the egg didn’t really improve the cake, but it improved the subjective impression for the person who was making it.) Is it known for sure whether that’s true or not?

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Egg actually does serve a purpose in a recipe, but it’s possible that they didnt add powdered egg to the recipe so people could say they did something!

I’ve read that.

It’s unfortunate that sugar doesn’t stick to a magnet or something. :slight_smile:

Maybe some kind of unsweetened lemon topping?

Very popular German brand in Spain, for a quick and quite good Bizcocho & Carrot Cake …


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Dr Oetker is also popular in the US. They have a dark chocolate mousse mix that has become a fast, easy dessert pie staple in my family . . . pre-made Oreo chocolate pie crust, Dr O’s mousse and a quick whipped cream . . . not gourmet, but pretty darned good dessert with minimal time/effort.


My sister makes this box milx and she is a talented home baker.


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