Pizza: Frozen vs. Homemade vs. Pro made

Dr Oetker seem to be specialists in making quite a decent success out of quick/instant/easy foods that I personally expect will be failures in that category. :slight_smile:

(I remember getting their frozen pizza once, and while of course it was still frozen pizza, it was definitely not the disaster I expect from a frozen pizza - it was really pretty good when taken on its own terms. Anybody who can make a pretty decent frozen pizza - and a pretty good carrot cake in a box - has done their homework.)

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My son really enjoys their frozen pizzas and I know I’ve used the brûlée mix.

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I have never had a frozen pizza in my life. Though I have heard they are decent if oven baked.

However, their Bizcocho and carrot cake are fairly good.

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As I told Rooster, i have never had a frozen pizza however, their 2 cake mixes above are fairly good for a quick breakfast …

Never? Are you curious to try?

I married to an Italian, my inlaws are Italian, and my great grandparents on my paternal side, were Italian.

Do you think I would eat a frozen pizza ? Never ! I can make my own or walk to the corner to a really great Italian Bistro. We eat pizza out once a week or once every 2 weeks.

I do make my own Ligurian flat bread focaccia however … I am a grand fan.

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Well, we all have our likes, dislikes and dis-interested to trys …

I love my Margherita on the corner since we cannot travel to Italia yet … And a Napoletano with anchovies as well … Sometimes I make a traditional Vegetarian Mallorquin Coca, a rectangular baked deep dish type without cheese …

Have a nice evening.

You as well @Barca. I love a good char. I’m fussy about the sauce and doughy pizza.


Me too … I am quite fussy about the sauce and I do not care for doughy bready pizza at all. I prefer thin crisp pizza crust …

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I can’t say we’ve ever bought a frozen pizza. Pizza is one of those things I don’t hanker for enough to accept substitutes for the real thing.


Has this pizza topic ever been covered by a thread? Would be interesting:

Frozen vs.
Homemade vs.
Pro made

Some frozen pizza taste like cardboard, and cheap pizza parlor pie is just as disappointing. As a quick appetizer if I’m making many other things, a doctored frozen pie passes or a quick pie pickup will do in a pinch…

my own homemade versions are hit and miss; I can nail the sauce consistently and buy quality cheese but my dough is decent to meh. Toppings can save it sometimes. I like a char, crisp crust-not too thick.

And, pros that cheap out on the ingredients or when pizza is only an after thought menu item don’t thrill me but if I had to pick–a well made pizza made by a pizza shop is my preference all the time.

Now about starting that thread on our pizza preferences…


The best homemade pizza dough I’ve found is the 72 hour Baking Steel recipe.
The biggest issue is having to plan ahead. For Friday night pizza, make the dough on Tuesday. But pizza is something I order from a good local pizzeria when I’ve run out of ideas and/or ambition.


And there is pro-made (chain) and pro-made Italian and pro-made “modern”…and probably a handful more.

I can hack our quite decent dough using Il Fornaio’s instruction. We like thin, crisp non-puffy crust. Altho we have a wood burning pizza oven, I have found very good results baking on a cookie sheet directly on our stove oven FLOOR at 550 degrees.

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And for good reason! I’m talking a pizza pie made by one dedicated person who values a great char on the dough, quality tomatoes and cheese and throws down pies all day.


Interesting then when you have a hankering, you have an at home facility to make a great pizza pie. For me, that’s going out for my favorite. But the sentiment doesn’t differ.

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There was a time when it seemed like my kids lived on Elios frozen pizza. Yuck.

Pizza bagels made in a toaster oven was an afternoon snack when I was a kid.

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Fresh mozz or not? Part skim or whole?


To both questions, an emphatic yes. Just let it be a well-made fresh pizza that doesn’t happen to have any things I really dislike added to it, and I’m happy.