Unpopular Opinion About Box Cakes

I understand. I had a period in my life I call my “rice and mustard” days.

Saving work, saving time, something like that.

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Holy smoke - the general mills white cake is $29!

I just looked up a box of the Betty Crocker Red Velvet cake mix at my local supermarket. It was $1.99. That’s a quick and easy entry point for a baker.


general mills white cake is $29!
That’s for 5 pounds. The box says it will make 56 9-inch cakes.


:crazy_face: Thanks! Duh!!

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I have seen cookie mixes for $7-8 a package.

That definitely justifies making cookies from scratch.

Sure the angel food cake mix runs about $4.00 a box. But, if you want the convenience and far less chemistry ingredients (more like homemade) you’ll pay far more than $2.00 a box.

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Amazon prices by non-Amazon vendors do not compare to supermarket prices, which are typically $2.00 or a bit more, in pricier stores.

I agree prices run the gambit, locally and online. Most recently, we saw the price of a single lb. pack of Bucatini priced all over the place; locally and online.

When these box mixes are all sale, we stock up for food pantry donations and I’m told they are popular items. Children enjoy them as much as adult bakers. My wife loves that angel food cake mix. Cheap eggs vs quality raised might be a big cost diff.; homemade vs box and even bakery angel food cakes. Honestly, I can’t tell its a box mix in this case.

The idea that a cake mix is cheaper than homemade is not always true though. Convenience, that I completely understand.

Right - it depends on a lot of things, but it especially depends on how much your chosen ingredients for homemade cost, and on whether you normally keep certain things on hand anyway. If you don’t or can’t normally keep anything on hand, then a homemade cake becomes quite expensive. (bag of flour, bag of sugar, dozen eggs, can of cocoa, bottle of vanilla … that’s one expensive cake)

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Agree. i was trying to illustrate that point in describing my wife baking a boxed angel food cake vs. homemade vs a bakery buy.

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My God, what a relief!

Agreed. If somebody makes a cake and offers me some, chances are I’ll be all over it.

Gotta read the fine print. Most of these prices are for multiple packs, 2 or more.
That said, I regularly see Duncan Hines, Pillsbury and Ghiraardelli cake and brownie mixes at Grocery Outlet for under $2 a box. “Best by” dates usually about a month out.

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I do box mixes for yellow cake mostly. The Girhardel8 brownie mixes that Costco sells are excellent. Although my wife makes excellent brownies from the Hersheys recipe. I had a craving for a spice cake last week & tried a box mix (Betty Crocker I think) & it was pretty mediocre. I think a applesauce spice cake is the flavor I remember. Otherwise I have a pretty good repertoire of cake recipes.


I read the pricing just fine, lol. The article was about “best” mixes not most expensive. The indiv cake mix links vary.

However, while you can find a box mix for $2.00 has commented on several times, I have seen box mixes for far more.

And price and convenience are too diff points.

Lol, this has been interesting!


(Guido of Arezzo to the rescue again … all who understand “gamma ut” raise your hands … nobody? Oh well…) :slight_smile: