Unfortunate restaurant names

There was a pub called the Spotted Dick in Toronto, and the owners knew the name would make people laugh.


There was a Vietnamese restaurant in LA a ways back called “Phúc Yêu”


There was a wing place on 3rd Ave in Manhattan called Cluck U. (Wow, 19 locations.https://www.cluckuchicken.com/)

There’s a Vietnamese restaurant in Manchester called Pho Cue. It is owned by a Mr Cue who I’m sure knew exactly what he was doing when he named his restaurant.


We have a local place called Pho King Way Noodles and Grill. Also a bread/sandwich place called FKN Bread (but F, K and N are the initials of their three kids’ first names).

Not last, not least:

Spotted Dick is an actually English dessert, it seems?

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One of the better of our traditional steamed puddings, IMO. Although not as good as a Sussex Pond Pudding or Jam Roly-Poly. And a Christmas Pudding is in a league of its own.



A commercial Spotted Dick is available at Walmart and some grocery stores in Canada.

I haven’t tried this brand. The store-bought plum puddings and sticky toffee puddings I’ve purchased have been delicious.

Aunty’s is the brand usually found in UK supermarkets. The Golden Syrup one is my favourite - well worth a try if available in Canada.


Good to know.
I thought you’d get a kick out of this menu, at a restaurant in a borough in Toronto called Etobicoke. Specifically the brunch poutine featuring bangers.

Brunch poutine has different rules than gravy cheese curd poutine. The sauce on brunch poutine is usually Hollandaise, and curds or other cheese don’t need to be present. This brunch poutine does include the gravy and cheese curds, which is unusual for brunch poutine.

I have been meaning to try their Full English, maybe this winter.

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Thanks. I hadnt appreciated that brunch poutine was a Thing.


I think poutine is just a thing in Canada, period.

Be it brunch, lunch, dinner, breakfast, or any meal in-between, after or before.

And be it with just cheese and curds, or cheese and curds with Hollandaise or any other sauce one can imagine.

Naturally, there’s already plenty of lists on the WWW. Who knew!

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Poutine is popular where I live, Los Angeles, CA.

I don’t understand the popularity of a cold weather dish in a locality that’s never very cold, but clearly others disagree.

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To me, the worst restaurant name is Mao’s Kitchen.

I can’t fathom naming a business after one of the most prolific mass murderers in history.

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I don’t understand the popularity of a dish that renders something meant to be enjoyed crispy (i.e. fries) a soggy mess.


I agree. For me, fries are supposed to be crisp.

I dislike chili fries, poutine, etc.

In fact, I dip my fries instead of pouring the dip over them.