Trader Joe's YEA/NAY/MEH, 2023 Edition

@LulusMom1, what is the inexpensive Pinot Noir you like at TJ’s?

Aha, I found it on last year’s thread: Butler Pond.

I’ve been told that Butler Pond pinot has been discontinued.

Ah, well.

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I’m sad about it. It was a great under $10 bottle of wine.

A HUGE NAY to their breaded raviolis. I was not in the mood to cook. These were in my freezer. So I figured why not?

Three ways to cook them: air fryer, pan-fry (recommended), or conventional oven. I went with the 3rd method, using my convection toaster oven.

Method said cook for 10-12 minutes at 425°, turning once.
I cooked at 425° convection for 13 minutes, turning once, then at 350° convection for another 4 minutes for maximum crispiness by this method. Here’s how they looked right out of the oven:

Here’s what they look like inside:

I ate a lot of toasted pasta with a quick marinara sauce and no filling. :unamused:

Oh well. At least the non-TJs wine I drank was good. :wine_glass:


I thought it would be a clone of the JUSTegg product. It did cook up similarly. However it was inedible. The very first sense is that it’s flavorless, then a wave of plastic washes over, and lingers, and lingers, and lingers. I can’t in good consciousness call this food. Needs to be pulled immediately.


So that’s a “Nay” then?



Looks like a great bottle of orange juice. Oh wait…


TJ toasted raviolis

I’ve had these, pan fried, and while there were a few more hollow than I’d like, they were acceptable vehicles for melted cheese and marinara…

New YEA (to me):

Unexpected Cheddar cheese spread. Pub cheese made with TJ Unexpected Cheddar. Very tasty, and throwing in a blob of it with some leftover pasta and nuking for 45 sec. = instant mac 'n cheese that is highly accetable. Also works for cheese fries and dip for pretzels.


If they had had cheese inside, they’d have been moderately acceptable for what I was looking for.

But sans any cheese, they were just hollows of dough. :woman_shrugging:

OMG, how I do love these cookies more than ever! I made it all this time without getting Covid, was vaccinated 5 times but my daughter got it first, then I too. Only lasted about 5 days, no energy, no appetite. The only chore I could do was feed my cat twice a day. Anyway, I’m much improved. A friend dropped off WF rotisserie chicken and I gave him these cookies. (He’s had Covid 3 times!!) He agrees, incredible!

I never go crazy for store bought cookies! I really hope they don’t discontinue these again!

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New? To me, anyway: YEA to oreo- like coffee creme filled Joe-Joes, enrobed in dark chocolate coffee ganache, then a mocha drizzle. Only eight of them per $3.49 tall box, 2"x2"x8" tall, but a serving purports to be one 120-calorie cookie. The filling is as deep as each cookie, so one is almost right. Definitely if paired with a scoop of ice cream.

Repeat YEA to the maple glazed donuts in the bakery section. Toric cruller shape. The crumb texture is somewhere between popover and cake donut with a crisp exterior. Don’t be put off by the ashy matte color of the glaze. I put each one in a baggie, sucking the air out. At cool room temperature, the texture lasts a week before declining. Trust me on this, not on their looks! I never saw them until last fall, and they were gone by January so I assumed seasonal but was delighted to see them back at the Burlington MA store on St. Patty’s Day.

I was Ubering to and from an overnight stay for hospital tests so had other bags to lug, and had to limit my TJs haul. The blood orange pound cake mix, which I haven’t tried, has to wait till next time. The current kringle is raspberry.

YEA! They had a glut of bags of the wonderful Sky Valley Heirloom Navels, adding 4 worth-it pounds to the bags.


The blood orange pound cake mix is excellent, actually! My daughter grabbed it last time we were there. When she was making it she tasted the batter and thought it was going to be overwhelmingly sweet, but it really isn’t, and the glaze has a nice tang. Then texture is more of a sponge than a pound cake, so not too heavy. Big YAY.


Oh, those new Jo-Jos are amazing! They go very well with black coffee. Quite a commitment at 120 calories and 6 g of fat per cookie, though


NAY to the chai tea mints. The clove flavor is too strong for me.

A little thread drift, i.e. speaking of clove but not of TJs… I needed cloves for a couple recipes. I went to our coop which has a ginormous collection of herbs/spices one can buy in bulk. But they were out of whole cloves. I bought a couple tbsp of ground clove for my purposes and they’ve been in my spice drawer for 2 days. The smell is so strong! Everytime I go into my kitchen I smell it. And the bag is twist-tied and in a closed drawer. Potent stuff!


I find clove (and nutmeg) a bit overpowering.


When my father made pickles, he would always take all of the cloves out of the pickling spice mixture.