Trader Joe's YEA/NAY/MEH, 2023 Edition

What will you get?

I still have puff pastry in my freezer but think I should buy a couple more.


me too!

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I got two panettone last week, LLD loves them and eats them with coffee.

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Ok, I’m sold on the figs – despite what is a hefty price for TJ’s, I will try a box!

I’m still working my way out of 6 or 7yo stockpiled puff :rofl:

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NAY to the salted caramel sauce. It lacks dairy/cream/butter flavor. I stirred in some condensed milk and it was better, if closer to cajeta. Last jar I added heavy cream and butter.

MEH to the ginger sandwich cookies. They weren’t super moist and staled quickly.


They were sampling that ginger sandwich cookie at my store today, MEH for me too.

I wonder why both TJ and Costco have Zero oranges. Safeway and WF have them! I bought cranberries at Costco, 2 lbs for $3.99.

Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Puddings, 2 mini bundts per frozen package. If you served with a scoop of ice cream, you could use a half cake per person. I found they keep just fine unopened in the fridge. Either way, briefly warm, invert on plate and the caramel sauce runs down. EVERY bit as good as a $10 sticky toffee pudding at a fine dining eatery.


YEA: Blue Cheese Stuffed Halkidiki Olives are back (seasonal item). I feel like this is later than usual, but I’m not certain.

No turkey stock this year, so maybe that’s discontinued?


Big inclusive YEA for the new organic bronze die cut pasta line.

Bucatini has disappeared for now, replaced by spaghetti alla chitarra, farfalle, and trofie.

The pappardelle form the same line (which just showed up near me) is also very good.


Curious – anyone know why TJs only has cornbread stuffing? (Both GF and not, but only cornbread…)

Yay to the Italian Tomato and Red Onion Focaccia, from the freezer section. I added some extra chopped herbs.


SWEET & SAVORY SPATCHCOCKED CHICKEN heads up: I phoned the Burlington MA store to ask if they had or wiil have this version, a big YEA last year. It is currently in production, to hit the warehouses January 5. The clerk said it might be sooner but highly unlikely to be available for Christmas. I’ll work on generating freezer room for an extra or two!

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Have you tried any of the fresh ones in the bread section? I noticed there have been 2-3 kinds available of late.

I have not but will look for them next shop.

The roasted tomato and Parmesan one is pretty good. I saw they had a French onion one the other day, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it before it expired. Planning to try it next time. They also have a new (maybe just new to me) olive fougasse bakery item that I thought was really good.

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We like those too. A lot.

But our nearby TJ’s didn’t have the Fried Olive Bites that we also look forward to, which have been offered at around the same time as the Blue Cheese Stuffed Chalkidiki Olives. Hoping the Olive Bites show up in TJ’s freezer case soon.

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Well, the “thanksgiving seasoning” ran out looong before thanksgiving, silly me for not buying some 2 months ago :rofl:

I think we still have it here if you need any shipped

Ooh, I love those Olive Bites! Will check when I go to TJ’s and report back.

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