Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018

(Tom Hilton) #161

MEH: the frozen kung pao tempura cauliflower. Nice idea, and the flavor of the sauce was good, but the batter is too doughy they came out more mushy than crisp.

(saregama) #162

That’s interesting - I liked the cauliflower chunks, but not the sauce! Reheated in the oven.

Sauce was too sweet, as with most TJ asian frozen entree sauces.

(Tom Hilton) #163

They’re typically sweeter than the dish they’re meant to emulate, though that doesn’t bother me.

I heated in the oven at the recommended temperature for the maximum time in the suggested range, and there were bits of crunchiness but they didn’t crisp up nearly as much as I’d have hoped.

(Tom Hilton) #164

YAY: Nuts About Rosemary (rosemary mixed nuts). Rosemary is not overwhelming, but definitely there. The mix is a little too almond-heavy, but that’s not a huge complaint.


A big YAY! The seasonal truffle honey mustard is back, get it while you can!

(Natascha) #166

The fromage pavé is back :slight_smile:


yes it is! i love the texture, but i found the flavor a bit lacking. however, can’t buy it again because i’ll just eat the whole thing in one shot.


I was disappointed not to find it, but maybe it’s just as well!

(Natascha) #169

It needs to be out of the fridge for at least an hour. Then you’ll get plenty of flavor.


The kung pao part is what scared me off… was it actually spicy?? I’m a total wimp!


thanks. if it’s in stock the next time i’m there, i’ll have to try it.

(saregama) #172

Hmm. I just remember it being very sweet, but then my spice tolerance is probably a bit more than yours.

That said, I usually skip the sauce on the TJ asian entrees anyway because they’re all too sweet, so you could taste the sauce and skip it or doctor it if it’s too spicy. Not having to batter and fry the cauliflower yourself is the real win here!


Thanks! Is the sauce seperate…? Maybe i can make them and nix the sauce if it’s too spicy/sweet and swap in something else.

(saregama) #174

Yes, it’s in a pouch inside the packaging.


Oooh! Yay! K, i’ll definitely give it a go then, probably in CA where my dad will share with me and the oven is predictable


… and I had it last night and it is just as good as last year - YAY!!!


Royaal Grand Cru. Very tasty 12-month Gouda by Beemster. Similar in texture to Old Amsterdam, but much better flavor. Very caramelly, and has crystals.

(ChristinaM) #178

Sounds amazing. Thanks!


does anyone know if tjs is still carrying the acb (almond butter cocoa) bars i gave a yea to in early fall. i forgot to look the last few times i was there. and there is so much holiday merchandise…

hoping they haven’t been discontinued.


Went back for more Grand Cru. “Sorry, it’s seasonal”