Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018

(Tom Hilton) #161

MEH: the frozen kung pao tempura cauliflower. Nice idea, and the flavor of the sauce was good, but the batter is too doughy they came out more mushy than crisp.

(saregama) #162

That’s interesting - I liked the cauliflower chunks, but not the sauce! Reheated in the oven.

Sauce was too sweet, as with most TJ asian frozen entree sauces.

(Tom Hilton) #163

They’re typically sweeter than the dish they’re meant to emulate, though that doesn’t bother me.

I heated in the oven at the recommended temperature for the maximum time in the suggested range, and there were bits of crunchiness but they didn’t crisp up nearly as much as I’d have hoped.

(Tom Hilton) #164

YAY: Nuts About Rosemary (rosemary mixed nuts). Rosemary is not overwhelming, but definitely there. The mix is a little too almond-heavy, but that’s not a huge complaint.


A big YAY! The seasonal truffle honey mustard is back, get it while you can!

(Natascha) #166

The fromage pavé is back :slight_smile:


yes it is! i love the texture, but i found the flavor a bit lacking. however, can’t buy it again because i’ll just eat the whole thing in one shot.


I was disappointed not to find it, but maybe it’s just as well!