Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018


South OC, CA-

NAY! - Tempura Crunch Roll - I have to pass this one to my wife, who thought it looked like a good snack to have during the college football championship game. Ugh!!! The rice was barely recognizable as such and whatever the filling was supposed to be… it wasn’t.

Accompanied by…

NAY- Tofu Spring Rolls- a long slice of flavorless tofu with some spearmint greens covered by a fall-apart rice skin. The sauce was decent.

As my wife said… she should have known better, but was surprised that Teader Joe’s would sell something that bad.

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay/Meh 2017

Struck with morbid curiosity, I got the steamed chicken soup dumplings, trader Joe’s take on xiao long bao, which apparently have been around since 2015.

After steaming, all six dumplings retained their drop, and I emphasize drop, of chicken liquid thanks to a thick pasty wall. These are bad, but I’ve had worse handmade ones at restaurants.


Oh my gosh, seriously why do they even carry the sushi and summer rolls??? They are and always have been SO BAD. Sorry you had to find out the hard way.

YAY! 3 seed Beet crackers, they’re gluten free and vegan and taste like fancy corn chips because there’s a corn base. Tasty as is for munching, the beet is barley detectable.

YAY! Lentil salad palette with spinach and walnuts, i had this back over xmas vacation in CA, it made for an actually filling and tasty lunch but haven’t seen in nyc (yet)


MEH to the cold brew coffee chocolate bar. the flavor was just okay. my real issue is that because it’s filled with a “gooey, coffee-infused caramel,” it’s damned near impossible to break into clean square. so, it’s kind of a mess to eat.


Good to know – I was looking at those last night, but I passed in favor of my preferred caramel chocolate bar.

(Tom Hilton) #6

YAY to the beef & pork hot links. Not as hot as I expected, which might have been disappointing if the flavor weren’t so good. Kind of smoky, bacon-y flavor.


Are these frozen or in the refrigerator case? They sound good!

(Tom Hilton) #8

Refrigerator, in the sausage section of the meat section.