Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018

(Tom Hilton) #181

Not spicy at all, that I recall.


Seasonal? How bizarre—- I noticed it for the first time last week and picked some up. Lots of crystals and much better than their wasabi or, IMHO, goat gouda.


I know. I was so surprised that I called up two other local TJs, and was told the same thing. I’ve written Beemster on their site, asking where I can find it, and will report back.


@celeryvictor also
I think TJs labels items as “seasonal” when what they mean is they purchased a finite quantity- and when that has sold then it’s done. Following up with Beemster is a good idea- although calling customer service might find an answer before they can answer your email this time of year. Harder to ignore a phone call


Got a nice note back from Beemster. That pretty much sums it up – TJ bought a finite amount and that’s it for the season. They said that TJ will buy more next Fall. Too bad it’s unavailable anywhere else – my guess is that they don’t export the rest. Apparently it’s TJ’s choice to only carry it in November, so I’m writing them an impassioned plea to stock it year-round. :o)


Yea for TJ’s house brand bratwurst, imported from Germany. This is the first time where I had a sample, then bought a package immediately. Cut them into chunks, then brown them in a pan or microwave them.


The little Bavarian breakfast sausages are good too, and otherwise basically impossible to find except at specifically-German delicatessen which, these days, are a rarity in NYC…


My TJ’s seems to have changed their bagels. The bag is different, they are now sliced and the “everything” bagel doesn’t have much of “anything” on it. It used to be covered with seasoning. Bagel texture and flavor not as good as it had been.

I’ll probably still purchase since it is still about the best bagel in my area.


Customer choice awards posted here, lots of repeats from previous years and several that are truly baffling to me (the bean and cheese burrito?? Really? Rainbow wrap, a runner up is awesome though)
Cauliflower gnocchi was apparently a huge hit for everyone but me, although i agree Everything but the bagel seasoning is award worthy- what did i ever do without it???

(Jimmy ) #190

I think “Best Ofs” lists should be read as amusement lists. Olive Garden, Best Italian in…

(ChristinaM) #191

I have read those gnocchi are best pan- or oven-roasted, not prepped as per the label, which produces glue balls.

(Junior) #192

I tried the cauliflower gnocchi and I had issues with it coming out almost “slimy” after following their instructions to the T.

The soy chorizo was honestly gross it had a very gritty consistency to it and I couldn’t eat it.

I do like their meatless chopped meat, although that’s not on the list it’s one of my recently found favs. The bagel topping stuff the Mrs. and my daughter really like, last night even sprinkling it on their salmon before placing it in the oven!

(saregama) #193

Those gnocchi were perennially our of stock. I didn’t like them when I finally tried them - definitely gummy. But yes, pan frying worked better than the method on the package.


You know i did try them in a pan, per review recommendations and they just didn’t rock my world… but then again maybe i’m the last person still eating carbs out there :woman_shrugging:

(ChristinaM) #195

Lol, I was tempted today but resisted - glad I did!


I’m out here eating carbs with you. I do like cauliflower so I tried the gnocchi but most of it ended up in the garbage. The smell is what turned me off. I can’t remember how I cooked them. I think per the package directions.


I loooove cauliflower! But after trying so many of the various cauliflower based things out there (cauli rice frozen, fresh, stir fry, mashed, gnocchi…etc) i realized i like it best just roasted or steamed til al dente. I’m not invested enough to use it as a carb substitute and finesse the technique i guess


My fave is raw with a sour cream/onion soup mix dip.

Can eat my weight of that stuff.

(ChristinaM) #199

My DH loves it with 1970s-style curry dip!


Not familiar with what that is…? Using curry powder?