Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018

(Tom Hilton) #141

YAY: Turkey Pot Pie (seasonal, I assume). Good turkey & stuffing flavor, nice crispy puff pastry top (no bottom crust), and best of all: NO PEAS.

Not a new item, but YAY: Brioche Buns. My 3rd favorite hamburger buns, after 1) my wife’s and 2) Acme’s. We made lulaburgers Saturday night and then Sunday I sliced up one of the leftover buns and made very yummy, light & crispy croutons—450 degree oven, 5 minutes, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with

YAY: Onion Salt, which has become one of my go-to seasonings. It has garlic & shallot as well as onion, so it’s not like the one-note onion salt some of us grew up on back in the '70s. Very useful in things like salad dressing.


Thanks for the onion salt recommendation. I made hamburgers with it yesterday (2 heaping tsps. to 1 pound of ground beef), and they were super good.


The onion salt is a YAY for me too. I’m also a big fan of the “everyday seasoning” and 21 seasoning salute. Oh, and the lemon pepper!


Not sure if it is new but YAY for the refrigerated fermented sauerkraut with cucumber. It is on the mild side but tasty.

YAY for the white chocolate chips being back for their holiday offerings!


YAY! /Warning:
The restaurant style tortilla chips -not new- are AMAZING. And I’m generally not a big chip eater. But holy mother of these can’t be in my single person household. Seriously like what you get at a good mexican restaurant, they’re sturdy and don’t break easily, exactly salty enough and great corn flavor. The touch of lime is hard to identify, comes across at a touch of acid more than lime specifically.
I may or may not have eaten too many with a quick guacamole as lunch the other day…

(Tom Hilton) #146

YAY: Sweet Italian Sausage & 4 Cheese Ravioli. I was prepared for the sort of nondescript meat paste you often get in meat ravioli, but in these the Italian sausage flavor really comes through. Very tasty.


Not new but totally delicious!!

(Tom Hilton) #148

Found Blue Cheese Stuffed Halkidiki Olives at the Hyde & California (SF) store yesterday. These are intermittently available so get 'em while you can.


Stuffed cabbage beef rolls. Kind of meh, but for false advertising. It’s the first time I’ve seen these (freezer). All the cabbage rolls I’ve ever eaten have been in a tomato sauce, and that is how they are pictured on the box. However, when you microwave and open, it is just 4 plain steamed cabbage rolls with no sauce. If I had a ready to go sweet and sour tomato sauce and added it on, these would be pretty tasty. But as is, meh.


how annoying, seriously!


big yay for the cauliflower pancakes (seasonal). a little pricey ($3.99/6), but a tasty treat to pull out when hunger is calling. and easy: pan fry in a little oil. had my first one straight, but the topping possibilties are endless.


Meh for the chocolate covered wafers—- not enough chocolate.


YAY for the frozen new england (?) style cranberry pie/tart- basically an almond cake with walnuts and covered with cranberries. Went back the day after Thanksgiving and put one into the freezer- definitely seasonal and probably not around for long, but at least I grabbed another.


another big yay for the cranberry goat log. seasonal of course. the excellent contrast of flavors and is enhanced when served on granny smith apple slices.

(Junior) #155

While I am usually a Trader Joe’s “Nay” guy, I will tell you once product I have taken a liking to. Their beefless ground beef, my wife has been doing weight watchers and this is a -0- for her so we bought it to give it a try, I will tell you up front I was highly skeptical. Well I’ve been making stuffed peppers with it and I’ve got to tell you, I can’t tell it’s not actual ground beef. It’s really amazing, I’m making it with sauteed onions, garlic, spices and tomato paste mixed with brown rice and stuffed in the peppers. They come out excellent! I’m looking forward to continuing to experiment with it.

(Dan) #156

Has anyone tried Trader Joe’s Cauliflower pancakes? I just read about them.

Edit: oops, just saw these were YAY.


Struck out looking for beefless ground beef at my local TJs yesterday. They had several no -chicken chicken items tho. Doesn’t have the same appeal.

(Junior) #158

Too bad, did you ask if they carry it and were temporarily out or does that location not carry it? I bought another version from my local Shop Rite but I have yet to use it. Shop Rites was frozen whereas TJ’s was not. (not sure you can say “fresh” since it’s not actually meat lol)


No. The only staffer type nearby was doing some kind of inventory and I didn’t want to interrupt. I’ll ask next time.

TJs used to carry a really good corned beef hash in a shelf-stable pouch. Loved that stuff until there was some issue with their supplier and it went bye-bye.


I’m veg and actually don’t like those meatless crumbles because they’re so much like meat to me!! Have you tried the “soyrizo”? It’s got a fairly serious kick to it, and actually one of TJs best selling items (most customers who buy it are not veg)
My (omnivore) nephew loves the frozen chickenless nuggets- my sister didn’t want him eating the mystery meat versions but also didn’t want to blow $$$ on fancy organic whatever versions since his appetite is impressive