Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018


Eggs- the TJ’s extra large Omega 3 cage free eggs for $2.99/dz (in the
great northeast).
I eat at least an egg a day and love the size, yolky-eggy taste of these.

(ChristinaM) #122

I like those, too. The flavor is great.

(Tom Hilton) #123

Second the MEH for the “antipasto vegetables”. I wanted bell pepper flavor, artichoke flavor, eggplant flavor…instead everything just kind of tasted like sun-dried tomatoes, and not particularly flavorful ones at that.

(erica) #124

I’m using them differently these days, to doctor up canned soup. If microwaving, pour the soup into a wide bowl and plop a pa jeon atop it. Once the soup is hot, allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then break up the pancake with your soup spon as you eat. It gets saturated but does not disintegrate. If you are heating the soup on the stove, defrost the pa jeon first, put it in the bowl, and pour the hot soup over it. The fresh scallion flavor brightens up the canned product.

(Robin) #125

Today a brand new Trader Joe’s opened just down the street from my office. So I’l have to give this thread a quick review. I’ve generally avoided TJs because all of them near me have terrible tiny parking lots and I just don’t have it in me to deal with that mess. But, a quick walk to pick things up might change my mind.


Ha - there are three TJ’s within a half hour drive, and there is one I never go to because the parking lot is insane and small. Must be a common TJ thing…
Meh on their new salad kit with the curry dressing - just kind of bland as was the Southwestern salad kit. I tried to buy a couple of the brined pork chops last week but they were all out.

(Dan) #127

The Trader Joe’s Almond, Cashew and Macadamia Nut Beverage was good to the last drop. Mostly enjoyed in milkshakes this time, I will restock for hot oatmeal. Zero sugar.


I LOVE that! Really one of my favorite nut based milks i have tried from anywhere. In the winter ince it gets really cold i like to heat almond milk (this year i will use this instead) with my teabag in it, just simmer a bit and add a little cinnamon or sweetner

(Dan) #129

I was thinking rice pudding…because I have this new hobby to make rice pudding out of every kind of non dairy milk for some odd reason. :grin:

Tea sounds really comforting.


YAY! Horseradish aioli- great horseradish flavor to it, I actually whisked some into my vinegrette the other night and that was great. And i may or may not have dipped some baby carrots in there… also excellent.


It would be great for rice pudding! I’ve used it for chia pudding too (i have that for breakfast a few times a week) which was great. Definitely my new go-to.

(Dan) #132

What do you think of adding a small amount of chia seeds to a cooked rice pudding? Like once the rice pudding has chilled but allow it to sit overnight.


It would be easiest to add after rewarming the rice pudding, and unless there’s excess moisture and you let sit a while they will just add a crunch vs making it more creamy.
Hmm. You could add a splash extra milk/whatever liquid, add a TB or so of the chia seeds and then rewarm and let sit five to ten min…
If you add them when rice pudding is still warm just after cooking that would probably be easiest.

(Dan) #134

Im going to try it out.


I have long held the theory that TJ’s corporate rules REQUIRE inadequate parking lots, there really is no other explanation.

(Tom Hilton) #136

The Masonic parking lot was like Mad Max except more brutal, until they started having a security guard direct traffic. (Now there’s often a line stretching up the block waiting to get in, but at least it’s orderly.) Do they do this at other tiny-lot stores?

Anyway, I either go to TJ’s at 8 am or I don’t go. Life’s too short to deal with the mid-day crush.


Or… in some places the issue might be that major (larger) markets have exclusive leases, in physically larger shopping centers, that preclude leasing to a competitive market like TJ’s. Here in SoCal most markets are in such ‘strip’ centers and a TJ’s has to be in what is usually a center with smaller parking areas. Then, too, TJ’s is so popular that it seems to draw more people all day long than the major chains.

But, then, the idea that it’s their strategy does make for a more enjoyable thought process. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yay to the gluten-free Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix. I made the muffins yesterday and they have been a big hit. They’re great split and toasted. I used a nonstick muffin tin sprayed with TJ’s canola oil, and they didn’t stick at all. I also had to bake them for a few minutes longer (25 instead of 22), but not a big deal.


Meh to the new version of their Corn Rye Bread. I loved the kind they used to carry. According to the TJ’s guy I asked, they changed suppliers to one closer to the SF Bay Area so that the bread would be fresher. Not only does it not taste any fresher to me, it is now a smaller loaf that is more thinly sliced which just doesn’t taste and feel as good. Bring back the old corn rye!


A big NAY to the TJ’s chicken bone broth. Tastes muddy, looks murky, has no mouthfeel of collagen.