Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018


We start with the rice in the pan and then do the pancake. But I probably wouldn’t want the egg to sit too long if its cooked first, so that may not work for you.

(Dan) #102

We warm and crisped the pancake and then made the eggs. We warm the plates to keep the pancake toasty while the eggs cook. If I would add anything more to the meal it would have been another veg. vs. rice and I love rice…but one starch at a time.


It’s well seasoned as is, so taste before adding soy sauce. I am a salt lover and I don’t need to add soy here.
Oh, and i meant the baked tofu TJs sells, think it’s labeled savory baked tofu…? Anyways, it’s tasty and makes for a superfast meal.


Has anyone tried any of the 3 vegan salad dressings in square bottles in the refrigerator case?


I tried the carrot ginger miso. It was too watery and bland for my taste. It was a while back but I remember it not coating the greens well and mainly tasted like watered down rice vinegar. I also had issues with the short shelf life. I forget if it was an expiration date or use with in 7 days of opening issue but either way it was a week. Maybe I got an old bottle. I buy bottled dressing to have as back up for when I am too tired or lazy to make my own so a short expiration date is a big deal breaker for me. If I were too busy to make my own, was on a diet (it is pretty low cal) and was eating salads everyday I might consider buying it again but I usually have the ingredients on hand to make a better one.


The green goddess one was my favorite, it’s not as herb-y as fresh homemade but definitely tasty- and surprisingly low calorie. And yes, be sure to use it since they don’t add preservatives there’s a fairly short shelf life.


Yellow Tadka Dal.

Its a meh to me. Its medium hot, but the spice combo is not very fragrant and is pretty one-noted.

I thought they had a dal pouch before but this one looks different.


big YAY for the new ABC – almond butter cocoa – bars. not too sweet and very satisfying. but not so satisfying that i felt the need to eat the entire box of 6. good to keep a few in the bag or office for a quick nosh.


I read mixed reviews of these and now regret not picking them up, i love almond butter and chocolate…!


Crazy amazing thai tea mini mochi (vegan), if you have a household of mochi lovers you will need more than one box. Mine didn’t last an entire 24 hrs…! Made with coconut milk, and not as crazy sweet as regular thai iced tea.

MEH- new “antipasto vegetables”, basically veggies marinated in olive oil and herbs. Included red bell pepper, artichoke hearts, zucchini, etc. Just not especially flavorful and not a big fan of the oil they used. The zucchini was just an oil sponge which i found unpleasant. Package was really difficult to open, and I didn’t love the excessive plastic involved since this could easily be sold in a glass jar
Maybe it’s better eaten with cheese…? Or mixed into pasta? Dunno, won’t repurchase.

(saregama) #111

Did you try the tomatoes in the same packaging as the antipasto? I had such high hopes for them…


It’s something similar just all tomatoes…? Didn’t see that, but also don’t think i would buy it now- everything was really just sooo oily without enough flavor payoff for me. On the other hand if they’re like sun dried tomatoes they’re probably useful for cooking

(Natascha) #113

The salty nutty bites (or something like that): clusters of nuts and chocolate with a little fleur de sel.

Too. Good.


Would these be in the candy aisle? (asking for a friend :roll_eyes:)

(saregama) #115

Yes, they look like oven roasted tomatoes that concentrate and taste candy-like, rather than sun dried. Haven’t opened it yet, but it’s so promising…


Please let us know what you think of them- i do love sun dried tomatoes but usually buy the dried ones, not in oil

(Natascha) #117

Probably. I was looking for them today (not too diligently, mind you) and I’m relieved I didn’t find them :smiley:

(Kathy S. ) #118

My TJ sells Saturn Peaches, I just bought a 4-pack for $4.
They’re rare in Las Vegas, I finally found some at the fancy Smith’s next to my house and they were awful and twice as much.
I’m going to let these soften for a day or two before I eat, I’m hoping for the best. I’ve been driving to Utah for my produce lately, that’s how bad it is in Las Vegas.

(Kathy S. ) #119

Big YAY for Candy Corn Popcorn. Light, crispy and oh-so-sweet, really tastes like Candy Corn.


Tried the lemon elderberry soda with gin recently. Very nice!