Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018


I do like the crispbreads, but they’re so much heavier than the woven crackers. I can’t eat too many, especially in the evening.

(Andrea) #82

See, I’d always buy the low fat woven wheats with the theory that I could then pile more cheese on top!

(erica) #83

TJ’s 12-grain crackers are a staple for me. Rather like a less salty, healthier Ritz. I’ll be loaded for bear if these ever disappear!


Hmm. I buy those.


NAY!! Soy sauce-

I am sure i do not appreciate the variety and nuances of soy sauce but i do make an effort to buy it in chinatown or at H-Mart.
And I don’t know WTF this stuff is but it’s definitely not anything like actual soy sauce. Just kind of salty brown-ness. Zero umami.
Will be one of the rare returns


If you go to h-mart, get one of those made with whole soy beans. Almost all soy sauce on the market is made by soy byproducts.

One of these days I may start a discussion about whole bean soy sauces.


I’d be interested in learning about that. I had no idea!

(ChristinaM) #88

Was that the reduced-sodium one with the green lid?


Ugh. Yes. At first I thought maybe just because it was reduced sodium since i never buy that but, no, the only real flavor was salt.

I think that’s the only option for soy sauce at TJs now that i think about it…


Hmm… gotta say i have a very random and unscientific way to choosing what soy sauce to buy. I stopped into whole foods today (organic strawberries sale!) and bought this which seemed to be the only soy sauce option that wasn’t tamari.
Ingredients say: water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt, alcohol
Tastes pretty good to me.
Would love to know tips on what to look for when i do get to chinatown or h mart


Please do! I, too, had no idea!

(erica) #92

YEA for the Marsala Style Cooking Sauce. It has a lot of flavor. Note that it contains both balsamic and molasses, so there’s a sweet/sour element. Not everyone will go for that but I do. I think the cooking time on the label should be longer.

(ChristinaM) #93

I have a bottle but hadn’t noticed. Usually I go for something at the Asian market. Most often it is used with other condiments, not sure I’ve tried TJ’s straight.

(Dan) #94

We enjoyed the frozen scallion pancakes. Once pan cooked til crisp in a touch of grapeseed oil, we topped with a sunnyside egg and fried onion bits.

Def a YAY.

(erica) #95

Along similar lines, you might like the Pa Jeong, also a frozen pancake.

(Dan) #96

Actually thats the product I was referring to. Very tasty.


We cheat a little and zap them in the microwave for a minute or so and then
toss into a hot pan. Nice and crispy in no time, a side of TJ vegetable fried rice tossed with soy sauce and its a quick lunch or dinner.


Have you tried the japanese fried rice? That’s a longtime huge YAY, although you have to like seaweed (tastes like the nori from sushi rolls). I like to add in more edamame or some cubed baked tofu for a quicky meal

(Dan) #99

Sounds good. We used the same pan to make the eggs so it worked nicely.


We have not but will look for it. Don’t mind seaweed. It has shown up here and there in our meals. Thanks for the recommendation.