Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018


TJ’s should be sponsoring your test marketing for them!

(Dan) #62

New to me, the ready to heat and eat Salsa Verde Burrito. A completely random buy and it was delicious. Who knew?!

(Natascha) #63

Their Tomme de Savoie is quite good.


A big NAY to them for discontinuing the Triscuit-clone crackers. I couldn’t find them on the shelf in Berkeley, and the office said they were no longer carrying them. They couldn’t say why.


Yea! For the lemon elderberry soda. Dry, crisp and not very sweet makes it perfect for me. I like the small size too since I seldom drink sodas. This has some real potential as a mixer.

Not sure if I read about it here or elsewhere but a big thank you to who ever mentioned it!


Nooo! That was a regular purchase for me!


We like keeping a stash of these on hand for quick dinners. (The spinach tortellini, too!) I like your idea of serving with peas. We usually do olive oil or butter and tomatoes/arugula.


I wrote a complaint on the TJ’s website. Let’s see what they say.


tried the ‘uncured ham & swiss cheese flaky croissant dough squares’ on the less than overwhelming recommendation of ‘what’s good at trader joe’s.’

sadly a NAY for me. i baked it far longer than the recommended time and it never got crispy. of course, that may mean it’s time for me to replace my toaster oven. but even if the dough had baked properly, the ham was in small, hard, rather flavorless chunks, most of which fell off.

hoping i have better luck with the ‘spinach-kale bites’ that wgatj rated highly.

(Karen Mezzetta) #70

@ernie_in_berkeley - I just found out about the triscuit clone being discontinued last Saturday when I looked for them & they were missing… Just really hate it when they discontinue stuff we’ve been buying for years!!! Grrr…

(Angela T Carlson) #71

I’ll try to remember to look on the computer when I get to work and see if there’s a listed reason. Generally there are two:

  1. Slow sales, which I wouldn’t think would apply in this case but I could be wrong.
  2. Vendor stopped producing it at the agreed upon price or in general.
    We have a 5000 SKU/product hard limit. To bring in new stuff, we need to retire slower sellers. Let me see what I can find out.

(Natascha) #72

Really dig the rosemary marcona almonds. I could eat the entire damn bag. Tho you do need a napkin nearby cuz they’re pretty oily.


still haven’t tried the spinach-kale bites, but i to give a qualified YAY for the ‘gone berry crazy.’ these are chunks of strawberry covered in dark chocolate and frozen. the package says ‘do not defrost. just open and enjoy.’

strawberries and chocolate are one of my favorite combinations. but frozen, they were icy and the flavor blunted by the cold. however, after
a few hours in the fridge, the strawberry flavor really came through. not as good as fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate, but @ 100 calories per 6 piece serving and $2.29 for 5.3 ounces (abut 24 pieces), well worth keeping a box in the freezer for a sweet nosh. just remember to let them thaw a bit.

(Natascha) #74

The spinach-kale bites are a nice little snack for guests or as an app to have around.


thanks for the report. that’s pretty much what i figured.


“Rosemary marcona almonds” are sooooooo good.


The berry gone crazy was a big YAY for me too-after i let some sit on the counter a while. Definitely better semi-frozen.


Not new, but there are so many kinds of olives that I usually just grab my favorite (boring black olives or the pitted kalamatas). Picked up the garlic stuffed green olives today and they are AMAZING.
Big YAY.
The olive itself is rather firm, and the garlic is more mild than you would think. Not as overtly salty as something like the kalamata. I doubt this jar will last me more than a few days…


I got a reply from Trader Joe. I guess the popularity of the product isn’t as widespread as we might have thought.

Hi Ernie,

Thank you for contacting us! Our Trader Joe’s Woven Wheat Crackers have been discontinued due to slow sales in all of our stores. I will forward your comments and request to bring this product back to our Buying Department and that will be taken into future consideration.

Thank you again,

Nicki K.
Trader Joe’s
Customer Relations

(Angela T Carlson) #80

Glad they got back to you. Actually thinking about it, once we got the crispbread in, the woven wheat sales definitely dipped. Most folks aren’t buying the healthier crackers to go with our delicious cheese. I know I like the Pita Chip Crackers with the Supreme Brie.