Trader Joe’s Yea/Nay/Meh 2018

(erica) #41

Thanks so much, Smokeydoke, for the Vault#5 tip. It was out of stock two weeks ago in the Burlington MA store but they said they could order it. I got some today and will go back for more this week, because they said it is no longer orderable. I’ll risk freezing it; the worst that could happen is making pricey mac&cheese! For anyone hunting for it, they told me it’s hard to find on their list. My receipt calls it Jasper Hill Cave Aged.

(ChristinaM) #42

NAY to the spicy house-branded Cheetos. They have an off-putting vinegar flavor (like Buffalo?) despite none in the ingredients, and very little cheesiness. Neither of us thought they were worth the calories.


I almost reached for those yesterday, SO GLAD I didn’t. Thanks for taking one for the team!

(erica) #44

MEH for the new Baked Churro Bites bag in the chips aisle. Corn puffs with a crisp shell of brown sugar and too much cinnamon for my taste.

A qualified YEA for the Yellow Jackfruit Curry with Jasmine Rice. To ckarify, it’s the curry that’s yellow The unripe jackfruit is green and contributes eggplant-like texture but no real flavor. I detected none of the eggplant that appears on the ingredient list. The curry is a bit hotter than what TJ’s usually calls mild, near my low Scoville unit limit of jalapeno.


Actually it should be Sorry!

(Kathy S. ) #46

Glad you liked it. It melts like a dream too.


I really liked the jackfruit curry! Its a good freezer emergency meal, definitely has a kick of spice to it (I’m wimpy) but not so hot it was unpleasant. Not sure i ever would have identified the jackfruit if it weren’t for the label since it just soaks up the curry flavor


YAY!! Miyokos creamery vegan cream cheese, really smooth and thick and creamy, no funky ingredients. Significantly better than any other vegan cream cheese i have tried- and also fairly expensive, but great there’s an option if i decided to make a cheesecake or cream cheese frosting

YAY! Miyokos vegan butter! It’s cultured so there’s more flavor and makes a great condiment. Simple ingredients. Easily a dollar or two cheaper at TJs than elsewhere

YAY- rainbow wrap, prepared wrap sandwich with sweet potato, chickpeas, spinach, curried hummus. I bought it again yesterday and this could be a rare regular repeat purchase wrap sandwich! Hoping it stays around for a while


Will have to check both of these out. I just tried the Kite Hill vegan cream cheese last week from Whole Foods and really liked it. I tried the plain but have read good things about the flavored ones. I’ve had to cut out soy from my diet on top of dairy so I’m having to find new non-soy options.


Kite hill is the epitome of excellent nondairy cheeses! They actually make yogurts now too- which I haven’t tried because i can still (only) tolerate yogurt, but nothing funky in their stuff.

Definitely try the Miyokos, it’s similar to kite hill not sure i could call a favorite without tasting side by side. No soy in miyokos products either

(erica) #51

An omnivore YEA to the Rainbow Wrap. Thanks for alerting me to it. I am VERY nocturnal. I often sleep past noon and can’t think about eating before 4pm, but I now have a volunteer gig from 4-6:30 once a week. Without eating, I have the shakes by the time I’m done, so I got this wrap en route there today. Half the tasty wrap was enough to see me through. It is surprisingly hearty for a veggie option!


What a wonky schedule!
Glad you enjoyed it :))

(Tom Hilton) #53

YAY: As of this morning, Blue Cheese Stuffed Halkidiki Olives are back! (Masonic in SF.)


I like the chicken tikka masala and the Hatch green chile macaroni and cheese, personally…


Are those in the frozen department?


Yes; both are frozen entrees.


My husband and I shared the burata-corn-basil raviolis last night. Not too bad,
we added fresh peas and basil in a creamy sauce and lots of black pepper.
Will get some more, good to have in the fridge.


Does your TJ’s sell the Miyoko vegan cream cheese, or were you just mentioning it as an aside? The TJ’s I go to, which often lacks the full range of products, only had one vegan cream cheese, a coconut based one that wasn’t labeled Miyoko and had lots of stabilizers. They do carry the butter, which is awesome.

While I’m writing, TJ’s has discontinued their cherry peppers :frowning:


Oddly enough, I returned to this thread to say I went to 2 different TJs and neither had the Miyoko cream cheese. All i found was the butter. The clerk I asked at the second location said they don’t carry the cream cheese.


I saw both the miyokos cream cheese and the butter at the 92nd st UWS location but then the other day i shopped at another store and they didnt have the cream cheese- or a sign for it like it was just sold out. The regular TJs brand vegan cream cheese is fine but given a choice i would definitely get miyokos.