Toscano Ristorante in Bordentown, NJ

As we celebrated my sons 21st birthday yesterday we went down to his school to take him out. My work has me traveling around the state to visit with clients so I always have a few select restaurants I keep in my rotation depending on my geographic location, in this case for Mercer County (outside of Princeton) there is Toscana Restaurant. I discovered this place about 7-8 years ago and have enjoyed many a good meals (steaks) here.

Although they are an excellent place to get a steak, their menu is really an Italian restaurant with steaks, including several prime in house dry aged. Last night I got their strip on the bone, and this is EXACTLY how I love my steaks, smothered in melted butter and their natural juices. This letting steaks “rest” and serving them “dry” without their juices or some butter on top is not my preferred preparations. Call me a Peter Lugers die hard fan, but dammit that’s how I like my steaks. Here they also do the Gordon Ramsey (many others do it this way as well) with fresh rosemary and garlic. It was delicious!!

This was preceded by a bib-wedge salad that was excellent. All entree’s come with a house salad that has a nice light oil/vinegar based dressing. Other meals on the table were:

Ravioli (not a great grade here, the sauce was wine based and didn’t pair well with the ravioli) The ravioli was home made but would have been better in a plain red sauce.

Chicken Parm, two nice size (well one breast butterflied) chicken breasts NOT pounded too thin, excellent red sauce and served with gnocchi. Delicious!

Penna’ in a vodka sauce, very good served with a meatball which also got high regards

Grilled salmon, received high praise.

Stuffed chicken over mashed potatoes (Pictured below) large serving and very good.

The only warning I like to give is parking is street only, there are some public parking lots in the area but they always seem to be full. So be aware if walking is a problem.


I have only checked out Farnsworth Ave once and opted for Marcello’s a few doors down. Have been meaning to get back there and will keep this on my list.

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Wow…It is rare to see steakhouses in NJ dry aging their own beef. Did they have a display to see them? That always gets my mouth watering. Glad to hear you had a good night with your family!

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No they do not have them in display that I know of.

The SL recommends the pork chops.

Viaggio dry ages their own beef in their dry age chamber. Below is a dry aged rib eye, a 117 day dry aged pork rack, a 14 month house cured prosciutto, and a local black angus ribeye getting ready for the dry age chamber. All pictures are from their Instagram feeds.

14%20month%20house%20cure%20prosciuto (upload://xqVGT0OKC45qaWlJCeMG9wISocw.jpeg)


We have friends who live in Hamilton and love this place. We will check it out with them next time we visit. Thanks for the write up!

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Funny, I have friends in NNJ who just asked me yesterday when I’m coming up so we can go… they love it too!

Well folks, from Homestead in AC, to Rare in Little Falls, to Roots, to Char, to Dino and Harry’s, to Shipwreck, to Brando’s, to Sweetwater’s, to Wolfgang’s in Somerville, to Gabrielle’s, to Ruth Chris, and the mercurial Butcher’s Block, I have to announce, that Toscano’s is the best steak experience in this, our fair Garden State. Now granted, it’s not on the beaten path, but if you’re smart enough to take Interstate 295 from Philadelphia instead of the Godforsaken NJ Turnpike, it’s a 5 minute detour to the finest, tenderest, aged prime sizzling hot Luger’s facsimile served with earnest appreciation. The bone-in strip is the way to go, tilted in it’s own butter clarified juices…medium rare, aged 28 days, and if someone asks for medium sever your relationship with that person with extreme prejudice. I endorse this steak with both thumbs.


Wow!! That’s some fine company you are throwing their name around with! Glad you enjoyed this has been a “secret” place of mine for years, glad to share with someone who appreciates it!

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