Toronto Breakfast Sandwiches, a diary starting Oct 1, 2023

Coco’s Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a Biscuit. This one is similar to the Emma’s Country Kitchen sandwich, except this one uses a slice of egg frittata rather than a fried egg, and the yolk is set. Generous with the bacon and cheese. Very popular, and the line builds at 11 am on a Sunday. Go early and expect a 5 minute wait for the sandwich to be prepared.


Nice timing!!
Just made this ’ one-of-a-kind ’ sandwich for brunch:
Open sandwich of toasted Sprouted Wheat Bread topped with homemade Cherry Tomato Bruschetta, Clam juice, Spanish Conservas Galician Coast Razor Clams and Fried Eggs…Exotic, different and surprisingly delicious!


Looks great!

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I tried Egg Club today. The bread was great. I didn’t like their sauces that much. The sauces remind me of the special sauce on a Big Mac or Lick’s guk. I probably won’t go back. Nice folded egg, though!

This one, called Egg Club Sandwich ($7.98), with Swiss cheese, came to $9.54 before tip.


Pera Café’s breakfast sandwich, with sucuk sausage. I said to hold the ketchup.

Interesting, with the pickle, mayo and mustard. $11.99 before tax and tip.

Simit with havarti. Not a Breakfast Sandwich per se, but served at Breakfast.


Not a fan of the Bakery Pompette vegetarian breakfast sandwich on a brioche ($8). I don’t like the red pepper spread. It mentions green peppercorn spread. It was red bell pepper spread inside my sandwich. The cheese tasted more like chevre than ricotta. This sandwich didn’t really hit the spot.

First thing I haven’t liked at Bakery Pompette. The Crème Caramel is excellent!


Is a Croque a breakfast sandwich!? Today it is!
Bicyclette Food, $15 before tax.


Daily Grind breakfast sandwich with bacon, cheese and avocado. $7 before tax. Walk-ins, call ahead or Ritual App.


Coco’s breakfast sandwich, $8.50 before tax. Pretty good. Nice biscuit. They prepare them to order, and it takes 10 minutes.


Delicious breakfast sandwich from Circles & Squares bakery , Yonge/Davisville location. Bacon/scrambled egg/gruyere cheese and chives on a croissant. Piping hot latte to wash it down.
Sandwich was $10 large latte was $5, tax and tip put it at almost $20. Worth it tho as an occasional treat.


Hot Pork Pork Belly breakfast sandwich ($12) with Hollandaise ($2)
Very good.

Pickles, smoked salmon, many sausages also for sale. Nice people working here.

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March 10, 2024

Egg and chicken sausage with aioli, hot sauce, hold the pickles. There is a little jalapeño in the omelette.

Masa Deli on Dovercourt Rd. $9 before tax in person, $10 before tax on Ritual .

There’s a $0.70 cent Ritual App service fee on the $10 sandwich which can be avoided by ordering on Ritual through Google but I sort of like the App despite the small fees.

Excellent breakfast sandwich at Masa, in my top 5 off the top of my head, along with Alma y Gil, Noctua, Emmer, and Emma’s Country Kitchen.


Great shots, and thanks for the recommendation to check out this community! Excited to browse all the content already here and figure out how to contribute!

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Look forward to interacting with you and seeing your photos!

An errand took us into The Junction. This provided the opportunity to try a few places en route and in the area.

Finally got to Primrose. Although I wanted to try the beet-cured lox, my wife wanted to cross the Bodega off her list. The bagel itself is very good, with nice chew, plenty of poppy seeds, in that Toronto-style that I most associate with Harbord Bakery. The Bodega contains fluffy eggs, process cheese, lettuce, pickles, garlic aioli, cholula hot sauce. It’s very enjoyable, with a flavour profile reminiscent of an upscale Big Mac (minus the beef).

Then we were off to Alma + Gil. Although their Scotch egg sandwich sounded tempting, we ultimately went with their Breakfast Sando. Although there is a pork belly version, we opted for the vegetarian option that included crispy rösti, avocado, caramelized onion sauce, cheese chicharron, and a runny over-easy egg, all on a sweet brioche bun. Wonderful. Now we really need to go back for the Scotch egg sandwich.


Union on Ossington’s $18 breakfast sandwich. Delicious!

@rstuart 's poached eggs with tomato sauce on crispy polenta

All excellent!

Unfortunately, some (whiny) customers asked Union to seal up the ventilation in the heated back patio, so this place has less ventilation and fresh air than it did last winter or the winter before.

I am immune- compromised. I need better ventilation. This had been a year-round back patio with good ventilation.

Shame on the customers who spoke up to ask for a sealed back patio. The whole inside of the restaurant was draft - free, and those customers who want a draft-free environment could have reserved seats inside.

This was the only back patio where I liked the food and I had felt fairly safe.

I don’t blame Union. I had told Management several times that I appreciated that their back patio had ventilation. The CO2 values were pretty good.

My voice wasn’t enough for them. I probably didn’t come across as a complainer. It seems Negativity from a customer trumps positive Reinforcement from a customer. :rofl:. End rant.


Dipped Donuts’ egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. $7.50 before tax. Bacon would have been $1 extra.
I didn’t realize there would be mustard. The pickled onions add texture. They’re different. Not bad but not my thing.

Nice bread. It’s the omelette type of breakfast sandwich, with egg cooked in advance.

The sandwich is made to order with the precooked egg and pressed in a panini press.


Arvo Coffee makes an excellent breakfast roll with poached eggs, peameal and cheese on a brioche bun. $13. One of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve had. There’s a Distillery District location and a Liberty Village location. I ordered it at the Distillery District location.

Arvo’s IG profile


Very good.$14


Emmer’s breakfast sandwiches (the egg muffins) are now $10.25 - $13.50, before tax.

I am still an Emmer Fan Girl. I’m just keeping the forum up-to-date.