Top Chef Season 21

It’s in the comments on this post.

And here’s this from Tom C.:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1773738937535586771|twgr^42a3b5a3ea9271482d957bf2dde591333ce0908f|twcon^s1_&




I’m confused. I thought there had only been two episodes shown so far. I remember hat guy and someone last night got eliminated in team challenge (because I’m old and not invested in the chefs yet I can’t remember who it was). Seems like we have to wait another week before there’s a last chance kitchen if hat guy “opted out”.

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No, there was already one LCK after episode 2 of the show. The new twist is that they are playing someone new in, who will have the opportunity to join the main competition if they win enough episodes of LCK, so that person competed against the most recent elimination.

Oh wow, I completely missed that twist. Egads another person to remember when I’m still having problems sorting thru the chefs that are already there!

Sort of new. It’s someone from Season 16. He’s been waiting for his chance!

Do you mean he tried for S16? I hadn’t seen him mentioned specifically with regard to a past season. Regardless, he is new for this season, should he make it on to the show.

My very big mistake. Just re-watched.

Tom said “he is the season’s 16th competitor”.
I thought he said “he is a season 16 competitor”.

Carry on…

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Not entirely surprised. I think these types of challenges serve some people well, while others - even really talented chefs - stumble. Their creative process is just more iterative and gets reworked and refined along the way, and doesn’t work on a “new idea in 10 seconds - go!”

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Kristin is a natural!. Or maybe just right for the job. Maybe too many F bombs for my taste but Im not real used to cussin’.

Those bikini/ Olympic womens beach volleyball ads were …interesting? I’m thinking they weren’t curated just for me. :thinking:

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Was this a tv ad you saw, or was a it a placement at the venue? I don’t remember a bikini or volleyball related ad airing. But I have an amazing ability to tune out ads when I’m not interested.

A TV ad.

This is the gist of it.

Lots of people searching for “Pleasant Ridge Reserve” cheese!

And maybe "But I’m a Cheerleader" .
Was I the only one confused by that reference?

How about “Daria”?

WTH? At least I know what that means!

Glad I missed it


So happy Michelle won!

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Definitely zoned out when this played. :joy:

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Why confused? I mean, not familiar with a queer camp classic film, I can see— especially on this site— but what made it confusing?

Or am I being weirdly attentive to language and you just meant you didn’t know the reference?

I highly recommend it, BTW.

I’m not one to call anyone weird, but I meant didn’t know the reference. I watched it three times, and couldn’t figure out why she was telling us she was a cheerleader, and then finally looked it up.

Then I was trying figure out who “Daria” was. Was that one of the contestants? That famous butcher in Italy who shouts “carne!”?. So I looked that one up.

Finally I asked myself am I that out of touch compared to other folks watching Top Chef? Other folks here? I guess I don’t feel bad about being out of touch; I was just wondering.

I was bragging I knew what “WTH” meant ( although I don’t say it IRL). I also know “AF”! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

ETA, IRL, I am also attentive to what people say. It’s interesting to me how differently things can come across when communicating in this format.

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I’ll have to rewatch, I completely missed the cheerleader reference (though very familiar with the film). My husband also had to ask me who Daria was if that makes anyone feel better LOL (though I know that one too). I am finding as I watch “pop culture” shows like this that the contestants are young enough now that there are many references that I’m like . . . who? what? . . . time is cruel :smiley: