Top Chef Season 20

Thank you @Jouren ! I like that one!

"“So let me get this straight, there’s no possibility of immunity, AND you’re going to send two of us home based on our ability to reinterpret some medieval porridge bomb? Gosh, what great news, how can we ever thank you?”


Fun read. Now I can’t wait to actually watch the episode.

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One more pedantic point: I really wish they had at least explained that hot foods at pubs is a relatively new development in certain places. I mean, a Sunday roast at some places, possibly, but pub food was pretty much crisps and nuts-- maybe a scary pickled egg. Certainly now one can order (at certain places) a host of options, but things like fish suppers are more found in a chippy, and scotch eggs, as I think they explained, were cold snacks for travel.

Because it is more typical now, I’m not complaining about the challenge, but I do wish that with all the facts Gayle was giving, that she included a bit more about pub culture. Also more of a challenge would have been for everyone just to drink, to eat some nuts and then stagger out and look desperately for something to line their guts. Maybe they’ll get an “update this curry sauce for the chips” quick fire?


About the scotch egg - wasn’t it Mae that originally wanted to cut it in half?

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One of the contestants mentioned that pub food has changed dramatically. I think she said it used to be terrible, and now it’s not.

I remember my parents’ first trip to England. I was in high school, so mid-80s. They mentioned some good pub grub out in the countryside, but I recall they didn’t care for the scene in London. May have been that dad was a fine-dining travel-to-eat guy and mom was an eat-like-a-local gal :woman_shrugging:

No. It was Dale.

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“Changing dramatically” and “used to be terrible” is different to “crisps and nuts” as the sole option.

Thanks for the UPROXX reminder. I always found their recaps a blast.

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I remember my first savory cookie! It was a cheddar cookie/cracker, made by Rosalind Shapiro, wife of Irv, mother of Joyce!, in I think Flushing, Queens. I will never forget it. Mind blown. Loved it.

Still love a cheese “cookie”.

So. …what makes something a cake, and not a biscuit, a cookie, nor a cracker?

And fútbol!



I think because it was soft and pillowy, not crisp. As the guest judge said (and the GBBO judges emphasize), a British biscuit is meant to be crisp, which( is why he complimented the snap of Ali’s QF biscuits.


Yes! And Amar said he considered an “American” biscuit a scone! I had to look that up. Apparently the main difference is that scones have eggs.

Still watching but, at this point, all I can say is, I love Padma’s boots! Oh, and I really like Victoire.

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Some do, some don’t; depends on the recipe. Buddha’s point was to differentiate biscuit (as in cookie) and biscuit (as in quick bread in the American sense’). Australia also uses the term biscuit as the British do.


No eggs in any scone I’ve ever had or made.


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I don’t think the judges were particularly harsh this week.

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Well maybe Tom’s comment about the cake?