Top Chef Season 20

The time is set!!


Woot! :tada:

I have never seen an episode! Of course, I don’t have TV.

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hmmm… you could watch it on the computer you are using to type this

streaming sites (some without all the copyrights) are available

I think I might check out the new season - nothing else to watch except M3gan

Oh, this could be interesting. Nice to shake up the US-centrism.

For the first time in the history of Top Chef, I completely skipped last season. But this looks like it may suck me back in.

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Few people do these days.

But of course you do have a computer (as is evident by your activity on HO), so you could just stream it from Bravo TV’s website.

They should do a Top Chef in the metaverse.

Britain is so, um, pedestrian.

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I watched it but really didn’t care. I dvr’d it and was in nor rush to watch.

I’ve loved Top Chef from day 1. Yes, sometimes the contestants are bratty and the challenges are ridiculous. But it’s the only food show I’ve ever watched where I almost always want to try everything they make. IRL chefs generally invent much more interesting food than food network personalities who’d rather be doing a live audience talk show, gossiping with celebs while they chop their carrots.