Top Chef Season 20

The time is set!!


Woot! :tada:

I have never seen an episode! Of course, I don’t have TV.

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hmmm… you could watch it on the computer you are using to type this

streaming sites (some without all the copyrights) are available

I think I might check out the new season - nothing else to watch except M3gan

Oh, this could be interesting. Nice to shake up the US-centrism.

For the first time in the history of Top Chef, I completely skipped last season. But this looks like it may suck me back in.

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Few people do these days.

But of course you do have a computer (as is evident by your activity on HO), so you could just stream it from Bravo TV’s website.

They should do a Top Chef in the metaverse.

Britain is so, um, pedestrian.

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I watched it but really didn’t care. I dvr’d it and was in nor rush to watch.

I’ve loved Top Chef from day 1. Yes, sometimes the contestants are bratty and the challenges are ridiculous. But it’s the only food show I’ve ever watched where I almost always want to try everything they make. IRL chefs generally invent much more interesting food than food network personalities who’d rather be doing a live audience talk show, gossiping with celebs while they chop their carrots.


Well, they dropped the trailer over on Bravo, and there are only a few familiar faces, but I am OK with that. The food looks grand.
Chef Dale looks to have the kind of epic moustache that is so distracting it will become a topic (a’ la “Moustache Joe”).
Let the games begin.


The excitement builds! Or at least my excitement builds.


I think it starts tonight!


Interesting take. Just the other day we were saying we kind of miss the early seasons when the contestants were young line cooks, sous chefs, etc. Though I agree the lack of housemate drama is definitely a good thing.

I bailed on last season; hopefully this season will be better.


I enjoyed the earlier seasons nest too. Last season was a bore. I’ll try this season.


Anyone know when Padma became a judge? I see she is now referred to as both host and judge.

It seems like she’s been a judge forever (though I know she wasn’t on the first season or two).

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She’s been on since season two and I agree, she’s always at judges table.

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Whew! Dawn! C’mon girl!
What’s with the shorts Gail? That doesn’t seem like Gail.
I see you London! Except no UK contestants?
“Middle East and North Africa”? That’s a few countries!

Not @LindaWhit but…

" The guest judge for this challenge would be Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett"

I liked her in that Great British Menu show. Looks like there may be episodes I haven’t seen!

“our trusty trio of host Padma Lakshmi and judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons”. Some sources (also including Wine, Wikipedia) still seem to see Padma as a host rather than a judge.

“… and the oddly lumped together “Middle East and North Africa’’ represented, among others. “I’m representing a billion population; I’m not just representing one country,” snarks Lebanon’s Charbel Hayek.”

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A good start, I thought. There are clearly some strong contenders, and some that look out of their depths. I bet Dawn’s constant mistakes will lead to an early exit.

BTW, One sees “ME & NA” in many arenas - all Arabic-speaking countries.