Top Chef Season 17

Tom Colicchio on premiering right now

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Very good interview. And he’s right. Babies and divorces in 9 months. LOL

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Six minutes!

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It’s on!!!

This might be the only thing that can distract me from my funk.

Mise en place race! I LOVE that!
Or "People for that shit "

One of these things don’t belong.

Brian Malarkey? Not sure why.

I’m going to try to limit the exclamation points.

Other peoples content.
Uproxx Power Rankings

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I thought last night’s episode was fun, even with the return of a few people that I was skeptical about. I hope the personal transformations they’ve talked about are sustained on the show (Lisa, Angelo…).

I had to laugh when LeAnn stood next to her team mates. She looked like a hobbit next to her team. Either her other chefs are REALLY tall, or she’s super-short. I am super-short so I sympathize.


Wow, an un-characteristic performance from LeAnn, and I honestly thought she was going to go. The edits certainly highlighted her technical gaffes. I knew as soon as she said (not verbatim) “I grew up in Hawaii, and I’m used to cooking outdoors…” that this meant things were going to hit the fan for her…true Top Chef tradition.

All in all, I’m excited this is back. Looking forward to see what happens.


I loved it!!! Such fun and so good to see all those guys back!!!

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Some recaps…Not as good as Linda’s but will have to do!


I have to say, 10 minutes in, I was thinking “I’m SO glad I’m not recapping anymore!” :grin::grin::grin:

I really really really really really REALLY enjoyed this first episode. I was hoping against hope that one in the bottom two wasnt going to LCK, and was fine with the one who did.

I did find it interesting that those teams who thought they aced their EC didnt do as well as they had thought they did.

And Brian Voltaggio had me scared at first. C’mon dude! Shake it off!

Some of those dishes were COMPLETELY doable in a home kitchen. Not sure if Bravo is going to put up recipes again…I wish they would.


As much as I loved it, I was thinking that FOR you. That is some serious content! You need to get PAID!


Yeah, last night would have a late one, trying to get the details for 75 minutes of the ep!


I was fine with that too. Loved seeing Jennifer back to a “normal” place too. Great episode and I can’t wait for more!

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Let’s see how long that lasts. LOL


Last time I believe it took 3 episodes!


I’ve been re-reading this thread, thinking about the mention of folks opening restaurants, and wondering how things are going for them now.

I am also re-watching episode one, and can’t stop shaking my head at the commercials for the OTHER shows on Bravo. Sheesh.


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I know. They are really awful.

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I loved Jennifer on her first season–even went to the Ripert restaurant in Philly where she was exec and thoroughly enjoyed it. But after that I found her annoying–whiny and argumentative. I even found her voice grating in this first episode (and I’m a fellow Northeast Philly girl and well aware of the stellar reviews her new restaurant has received).

I thought the same . . .they’ll get no bump in business from this season. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but all restaurants and bars in PA are closed for all but take-out and delivery.

I guess that’s why Bravo never enters my thoughts until a new season of TC :nauseated_face:

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Robhasawebsite Podcast!

Anyone else watch?
Also, Last Chacne Kitchen started but it doesn’t seem to be streaming on Xfinity yet.


Although there is a snippet of Leigh Ann mentioning bus tracks on her back, I don’t see much her.

“What Would Tom Do”

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