Top Chef Season 17

Looks like they’ve been filming in southern CA.

Restaurant Wars was filmed at a James Beard Foundation dinner somewhere “on the West Coast” on October 10th. AND it seems like it might be a full-blown All-Stars - there has been filming at Century City Mall, with sitings of Stephanie Cmar and Nini there. Someone else saw Eric A, Kevin from Season 16, Bryan Voltaggio (maybe judging?), Karen from season 13 and a few others at a farmers market near San Diego.

Another Reddit thread said "this checks out with Nini, Eric A, Kevin disappearing from social media from around september 15 after posting on a much more regular basis…i think we can say they are confirmed contestants. karen and bryan are probably judges

who else? a brief glance of season 15 contestants social media reveals Lee Anne Wong might be a contestant. she goes from posting every day to a final post “if you’ll need me, i’ll be at the beach” on sep 13"

Tom C. said filming wrapped in L.A. on the 21st and they were heading off for the undisclosed finale location.


Linda! Hungry ! Yay! I’m going to need a minute.

I am happy to help. I especially like to link other recaps!

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Yay! I like all stars shows.


Only if they bring back the non-annoying contestants!


I know she is a fan favorite but I find Carla very annoying.

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New Top Chef All-Stars Edition Announced at BravoCon 2019

“Season 17 of the culinary competition will take place in Los Angeles.”

Thanks! Why is Brooke competing again. She won the last time

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I don’t think she is. She was featured at BravoCon 2019, as is Joe Flamm.

“… it was announced during the Top Chef on Top panel featuring Season 14 winner Brooke Williamson at BravoCon.”

" In addition to Brooke, BravoCon 2019 is also featuring appearances by two other Top Chef winners throughout the weekend: Joe Flamm (Season 15) and Kelsey Barnard Clark (Season 16)."

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Thanks. I realized that and tried to edit but it didn’t work! But I’m excited for another all stars.


All Star line up revealed!

I’m excited for this season!!! I’m going to need to think about this line up a little before I make my pick. What do you all think??


meh . . .I’m kind of over Top Chef.

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I have to agree. I’m going to watch the All-Stars but looking at the contestants I don’t know who any of them are from the last 5 or 6 seasons mainly since we checked out and didn’t pay too much attention.

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Don’t you say that you poopy face! :blush:

Okay, that was my immediate response.

Looking at the list, I was thinking …YOU again? Like Angelo? Jennifer? Seriously?
Bryan; why? You don’t have to put on the red light!

I don’t mind seeing LeaAnn again, and Eric and Kevin, and would LOVE to see Gregory.

Any theories about why the the producers, and why the cheftestants are doing this?

Who knows this song?
“Roxanne…You don’t have to put on the red light
Those days are over
You don’t have to sell your body to the night…”
I know it from Eddie Murphy!


I am totally excited about Kevin Gillespie! If the V brothers were not on his season he would have won. Also happy to see Bryan V. I wish they would bring back Nina Compton - she was robbed her season. Also, Jennifer Carroll - really? She was great in her season but lost it in all starts and she keeps coming back for more. She was in LCK and lost one year too.




Hey now, negative nelly! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m interested to see what Eric will do this season. His food sounded so interesting and way outside of the flavor profiles I’m familiar with.


They need to put little thumbnail pics of the people with their names. LOL I’ve watched every season and promptly forget 90% of the contestants.

I’m a little over the format but of course I’ll be watching.


Here you go!!

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That was helpful; thanks! I was thinking of a different Kevin.

Anybody know what exactly makes a TC “master”, and why do they get to compete with the “regular” TC’s?

According to Wikipedia " the series, world-renowned chefs compete against each other in weekly challenges. The show is different from Top Chef , which typically features younger professional cooks who are still rising in the food service industry."

Oh yeah - Karen Akunowicz - another Boston chef (along with Stephanie Cmar). OK, I’ll root for her as well. LOL

And I’m SO happy to hear that Kevin Gillespie is doing so well after renal cancer! I had forgotten about Jamie Lynch voluntarily forfeiting his spot, even though he had won immunity.

I think overall it’s a good group. And I will watch.