Top Chef Kentucky


Who will be watching? We have been to Heirloom Kitchen where Chef Dave is the chef (maybe part owner, too) many, many times. I’m excited to be able to cheer on someone who’s food we love!


Am I first? Top Chef Kentucky Trailer



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You beat me to it!!

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And it looks like a few from season 14 and 15 will be in a lck before the season starts.

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Yay! I was sort of hoping for a “run-up” before Thursday.

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I merged another TC Kentucky thread into this one. I will be watching. Can’t wait!

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More Top Chef coverage.

Top Chef’ starts now: Here’s where to watch the premiere in Kentucky


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First!!! I wonder if the LCK for the returning chefs is running before…



How To Get Kicked Off Of ‘Top Chef’ In Ten Easy Steps

" 8. Stand by your dish
One of my favorite Top Chef clichés is the judges taking 15 minutes to tell a chef all the reasons they hated their dish. Then when the contestant finally gets a chance to talk, they say “I stand by my dish.”…"



Power Rankings

Same source; UPROXX


It wouldn’t be Top Chef without at least one annoying guy, and that guy is Brandon. Brandon is a personal chef in Atherton, in Silicon Valley, which presumably means he cooks for rich techies and old money Bay Area types, so it’s fitting that he instantly became the villain. Brandon also, if Top Chef ‘s editors are to be believed, bosses everyone around and forces them to laugh politely at the lame jokes which he says too loudly. You could hear the collective groan when Brandon pronounced, to no one in particular, “The good news is, my polenta cakes are awesome. The bad news is, my polenta cakes are awesome.”

Ha, cool story, Brandon."

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Entertainment seems to be promising pictures of every dish.



One more!

Food and Wine recap

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I accidentally deleted the episode before I watched it!!! Its on this morning again so I’ll re-record!

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I just hope the writers stop all the lame analogies and metaphors they are writing for the hosts/judges. This episode was nothing but lame horse racing references that weren’t funny or cute. I know this episode was centered around the derby, so I get it - but by the end they were becoming groan worthy.

It’s hard to comment on the contestants at this point - when there are so many, they each get such a small amount of screen time. The episode itself seemed like a standard episode (which I was happy about actually) - fingers still crossed for a good season and finding a way back to the earlier seasons before they introduced all the crazy gimmicks.


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The accommodations for the chefs has sure come a long way since season 1!



Seriously. I was thinking the same thing. That house is sick!

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I’ve often wondered about bidets when I travel. Clean butts!


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Thank you for these articles.



I said to the TV “You just need to fuck off, Brandon” when I heard him say that on Thursday night.


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I guess our three vets have to fight back through the whole season. I wasn’t sure how they were doing it.