Top Chef Colorado

(Gwenn) #162

Yes, like Tiffani from season 1!


I don’t mind there’s no villain, I actually prefer it that way. I am enjoying this season and look forward to each episode. What I do think is lacking is chops. This group is likable, but there isn’t a Brian Voltaggio or Kevin Gillespie. Tom ripped them a new one at JT a few shows back. When has that happened. Sometimes a dish here or there, but everyone.

As for Carrie, I’m rooting for her. I loved her snow cake and feel like she’s grown more than any of the chefs. I hope she makes a 4 course toast dinner and takes the crown. :slight_smile:


I would love that!

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Yes, I agree with you. No one exciting. Last season Tom told Katsuji how talented he was and that he was destined to be a great chef - that doesn’t happen either. And certainly no one fits any of those bills this season. It’s the bland season!


Like that insufferable woman on Top Chef Texas who bullied Beverly. I cant even remember her name …

And, ironically (now, at least), Paul came off as such a great guy

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She was obnoxious. Saw her on the recent version of Iron Chef.


I just rewatched the altitude challenge. Mustache won because as they said, "because he demonstrated the best baked at altitude element ". Yet moments prior they dismissed his puffs as quite dry. I’m confused.




NOW we’re talkin’!


I guess this means she’s toast. Sigh.


Finally watched. Emotional challenge, and looks like all 4 were up for it. I like when family comes in - gives the chefs a boost.

Glad for Adrienne’s win. And glad to see Michael and Brian Voltaggio again. and Padma’s girls were on full display, weren’t they? :wink:

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I loved this challange too. All the dishes looked great, and I’m glad Joe Sasto did not go home. I think he would have been devastated! And Linda, yes they were!




I didn’t see any children in this episode.


I’m a week behind, but we just watched the altitude challenge and my climber husband had to point out that more than once, 18,000’ was tossed around as an altitude the judge had cooked at, and the highest point in the Alps is quite a bit lower than that at about 15,000’. So unless he went up further in a hot air balloon, the guy already came across as a bit of a slimeball and this did not help his credibility with us. Maybe we missed something, but it doesn’t appear that there are any restaurants quite that high. Anyone know better?


Padma’s girls are nice but I prefer Gail’s.


Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps at 15700 and change, not 18000.

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Who can you trust anymore!!! :slight_smile: Well, Wylie does make a living pretending one thing is another!


Did anyone else think Michael looked a wee bit “rough?”


He looked better after he took his backward hat off, but yes very rough.