Top Chef Colorado

(Gwenn) #1

It’s coming in December. Anyone else going to watch?

(kim) #2

I’ll watch . . . maybe out of force of habit more than interest at this point. As usual, I’ll watch via DVR, especially since they’re airing this during the busy holiday season.


yeah, I always watch Top Chef.


We’ll be watching. We’ve watched every season – can’t stop now!


I’m not sure. I never made it through the last 2-3 seasons. I’m a little over it all but I’ll probably catch the first episode or two.

The last line of the article hints that I probably won’t watch though. I like watching for the cooking but the teaser is “get a sneak preview at the coming season, which appears to be filled with plenty of drama.”. I don’t need drama from Top Chef.


Yes, we always watch Top Chef. Though in recent years of course we’ve had to do without LInda Whit’s wonderful TC recaps.:frowning:

(Gwenn) #7

I know. Maybe @lindawhit will at least join the conversation though. I have to admit, I liked the season that featured contestants from earlier seasons.


I’ll be honest, I hadn’t yet heard it was coming (glad to see Colorado is on the agenda!). And yes, I’ll be watching. I can’t quit TC quite yet.

But the “draaaaaahhhhmmmmaaaahhh” I can do without. I hope they don’t go back to seasons like Texas, etc. The seasons with cooking amazing food is much more interesting (to me). But Bravo is all about the drama (see: Housewives of XYZ), and they didn’t consult me, so I think I’ll be SOOL.

(Gwenn) #9

I agree about Texas. That was the worse season, IMO. Did not like the chefs much, the challenges were ridiculous - ugh.


I’m watching. :heart_eyes:



(Gwenn) #12

I watched it today. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet this season. A bit boring? I liked seeing LCK- I’m a sucker for seeing former contestants.


I watched but flipped away before I saw who was eliminated … I think I’m a bit over the whole thing.


I watched it last night. I liked most of the cheftestants and liked the first ep. Haven’t yet watched the 2nd LCK so no idea what went on there.


I watched the quick fire last week, episode one twice, and am re-watching all 14 seasons.


Nice to see the lovely Gail Simmons again.

(Gwenn) #17

I did that a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed it.


Ive watched all the seasons a couple of times … Feeble, yes I am


Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


I am not liking Joe Moustache.