Top Chef Colorado


Living in Colorado, I’m somewhat familiar with altitudes, and that 18k altitude seemed off but I hadn’t researched. Thanks.


Yeah we didn’t think that guest chef came off very well.

The highest restaurant I can find through Google is Schilthorn in Switzerland at 9,744 feet. Still high but … guess there could be a small private ski resort place somewhere but I’d guess not much higher.

Edit: there is another restaurant in Switzerland that opened in 2009 at 12,700 feet. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise - what is that, 1000 feet higher than Telluride - again a very noticeable difference but …


Yeah, I found that one on a search, as well as a few in different continents at similar altitude, but there’s still quite a difference between that and 18,000 feet. To put it in context, the entire vertical drop of Killington, one of our biggest ski mountains in the east, is only 3000 feet. One hopes it’s just a meters/feet conversion error or something innocent like that, but I find it odd that there was not one climber or fact checker who noticed it.


Evidence based stuff does not seem popular.


I did a cursory check and can’t find a reference to Liebrandt’s alleged restaurant in the Alps. Has anyone else found a reference?


Or he was such an ass in person that they decided to let him hang himself.

I’m happy with the finalists but I would have liked to see Carrie in there too. She really did so well all season after almost going home week one. That is no easy feat.


I did a little bit of research, and it appears he worked (somewhere) at Courchevel. Based on that, I’m guessing that the 18,000 feet was supposed to be 1,800 meters. Which is WAY lower than the restaurant in Telluride (it’s way lower than any restaurant in Telluride, and the place where they were cooking was over 3000’ higher than the in-town restaurants.


Or 8000 feet – I just looked up Courchevel and I guess the higher part is around 8000 ft.

Season Start/End: 12/09/2017 - 04/15/2018
ELEVATION: 4429ft - 8983ft


I hated tonight’s episode. If they can’t get more creative, they need to pull the plug, sorry. And, like I said above, I’m a total Top Chef geek


I’m in California, so I haven’t seen tonight yet, but if “they” pull the plug, if not Top Chef late winter, what is suggested? I watch stuff on PBS, Netflix , Amazon, Hulu. Is there a thread?


Ugly Delicious, Rotten, and Midnight Diner.


Watching TC tonight. Eeeeek

Haven’t seen any of those shows. I have trouble listening to chefs pontificate and how wonderful they are and how important what they are doing is. (Have the same feeling at conferences in my own field). But I’ll have to watch an episode of two. Thanks for suggestions.


Sucks to see any of the top three go home but I think they made the right choice.


Midnight Diner

Ugly and Delicious

I’ve watched Rotten. Just once, but what I saw was interesting but maybe a bit of a downer. Glad I grow my own garlic.

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I agree. I like Joe Flamm (sp?). As an aside, I couldn’t decide if Parma was doing Cher or Morticia.


Cher, obviously. Like Morticia would ever have been caught dead in paisley.

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True - I didn’t think of that!!!


My question is: why did they make Padma look eleven feet tall in the intro?




:persevere: Oh well. I am out of town and didn’t actually see it, but couldn’t help reading about it. At least the Warriors won.