Top Chef Colorado


I guess I should have said my convection oven only operates in convection mode at 325 and above


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Toast? Again??? :rage:


Ha. But honestly what was she supposed to do in that situation? I though it was genius.


Oh, I don’t fault her for making it given the ingredients she had but honestly, a piece of TOAST was a winning “dish”?


That was my first reaction too. But makes you wonder how crappy those other dishes must have tasted. Or maybe just off-challenge.


Either they were really crappy or they are favoring her since she’s from Colorado. #cynical


Where is the sad face emoji?


I don’t do emoji but I would be doing the sad face when the cow ball dish came out on the preview.
When the season started I knew it was coming but had completely forgotten about it.

I hope I don’t barf.


Finally got around to watching the two LCKs and Thursday’s ep. Sorry to see Brother not make it back into the TC kitchen, but figured he wouldn’t when he had a lot of LCK camera time in the LCK finale, boasting how he had only one more competition before getting back in. The Editing Elves are nothing if not predictable.

I’m glad to see Carrie in the TC finale…she’s been a dark horse throughout, and has begun to come into her own. Although I thought “Toast again?” too. But she really had no other way to make a dish with the “limited pantry” after Flamm took her pork, and then he went and screwed up his own dish. Her phrasing of the name of her dish was cute.

As for Chris - I would have liked to have seen him move on, but pretty sure he’ll do OK with his restaurant. :slight_smile:

I think I’m most surprised at Adrienne being in the Top 4. She’s not won any competition except 1 QF. Carrie’s won 3 QF and 2 ECs, and Joe Moustache has won 4 ECs, while Flamm has 1 QF and 1 EC. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out next week.


I agree (among other things) about the Adrienne surprise. it’s on; Adrienne for the win!


Yeah, I’d like either Adrienne or Carrie to win. But I don’t see any frontrunner right now, despite Carrie and Joe Moustache having won several ECs and/or QFs. Adrienne noted in this week’s ep that she didn’t know why she was fighting the high-end cooking (I think it was something along those lines) so she might pull out all the stops in the next two episodes and pull off a well thought out dish that hits all the “high end restaurant notes”.


No, please not Carrie. She really bugs me…can’t quite put my finger on why other than I think she has a shtick. And toast.

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Well, there is always next season


I consider myself a pretty sick Top Chef geek but I was bored by this season …

Anyone else?

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I think there are many of us out there bored this season. Hard to say why as the chefs seem mostly likeable. But there’s noticeably less chatter surrounding this season. Part of it is the loss of @LindaWhit recaps that spurred so much discussion in the past. But it seems most of the blogs that existed in the past have gone silent as well. I’ve seen every episode since season 1’s opener, so maybe it’s just burnout and/or the show has run its course.

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Yes. I am bored and don’t even care who wins. There used to be so many great personalities - Fabio, Carla aka Hooty-Hoo. These guys are bland. Foods not all,that impressive either. It saying it’s not good but everything is just lackluster.


This pretty much says it. You can’t even root against anyone, such as Marcel, Ilan, Spike, or Stephen.


Fun suckers!

For the record, some recaps. Can’t match LindaW’s but it gets me by between Thursday’s and reruns on Hulu.

Food and Wine

Gold Derby

The AV Club

Sports Illustrated

Grub Street

Eater, but not really.

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And I miss that! I also like when they bring back some contestants to compete with the newbies, as they did last season.


That’s the problem with some of these “profession” based reality shows - it doesn’t pay in the long run to be the villain. So people “play” nice for the cameras. That lesson hadn’t been learned yet for the early seasons.

Edit - not saying some people aren’t nice people, but the jerks have learned they better tone it down