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I believe the winner of LCK episode 9 was told “three more people to beat”.


Yeah, I’m still grumbling about fancy toast.
And I think the reason for sending home the one over the other was kinda lame/kinda understandable.


The toast must have tasted really good

(Gwenn) #125

I think Padma was actually crying at that second elimination. She was clearly upset about the first too.


Agree with this. She was a sore loser. She stormed off without saying goodbye to anyone – you could see Padma and Tom’s reactions to that. And I was really annoyed at her exit interview when she said “I hope the judges are kicking themselves because they made the wrong decision” and she also said something about how if they only want “vanilla” chefs, they are doing a good job. That’s not someone interested in being a team player and learning from her mistakes. Sad.


That Adrienne is a bit of a “sleeper”, no?


I’m really enjoying how these final chefs are getting their feet under themselves. The three left wouldn’t have been my top pics based on the early episodes - but I’m good with them.

PS. While I thought Chris should have been eliminated, you couldn’t ask for a contestant to have a better perspective on things. Pay attention kids :wink:


Also - found this today. Good news

Though I’m hoping whoever wrote this is a person who doesn’t have a firm grip on the English language - saying a 30% chance of remission … hope that means recurrence.

(Andrea) #130

I loved the pastry nightmare quickfire! Couldn’t believe that two chefs made the mistake of attempting panna cotta in an hour, but that’s exactly why pastry is a nightmare to so many chefs :joy:

(Gwenn) #131

I was not surprised to see Bruce go home. I think his heart was not really there since his son came home and he was not there for it. Had to be very hard.


Yes. I’m pretty sure he said something like " I really just want to see my son," so…no surprise.


I agree, but his comments in the confessional seemed to indicate he was going to fight hard in LCK. (Which I haven’t yet watched, but they’re not going to reveal who comes back until the next episode.)


Trying to make “beet raisins”. Any ideas?

These might be close.

[](http://Beet chips)


I would think cutting into small cubes and dehydrating would give you the raisin shape


Thanks! I chickened out and just roasted them, but I’m going to get some more and try a melon baller, then “dehyrating” in a low convection oven. I don’t have a dehydrator.


Very low oven should work fine


Shrink, your oven fans work at low temps?


I never checked. Should I ? I often dry Chinenses peppers on in a Dacor double wall oven on “convection bake” at about 140 F.


I don’t have a high end oven. Convection only works at 325 and up :frowning:


Hmm…should I be learning more about this?

I made a cake today, on conventional bake, which automatically starts at 350. I usually use convection bake which automatically starts at 320. Hey! It’ compensating! I should read the manual.