Top Chef Colorado


Ahhhh, the Real Housewives, I believe. Yeah, that was definitely part of the debacle that was Texas TC.

Ugh. Hadn’t thought of that. You are probably right, which doesn’t bode well for Fatima.


I’m hoping they are just doing it for positivity …

(Gwenn) #64

That was one of the absolute worst! The other was the bicycle race to cook, not to mention the ice smashing!


I had mixed feelings about this German episode and wasn’t happy with who went home. But hopefully this person can get back in via whatever the remaining last chance kitchen is.

(As a German, growing up in a German community in Wisconsin, and spending some time in Germany as a kid) german food does in fact need an “upgrade” but sending them to a beer hall is hardly the place to try to make that happen. His dish was the only one to seem innovative or different. Everyone else’s just seemed German - maybe well done but not upgraded or innovative.

I was disappointed in this episode. Two great people gone for shitty reasons.

(Being coy so that there aren’t too many spoilers).


Interesting reference to Padma’s cooking chops! Something about making perfect biryani years ago on her travel show.

Interesting reference from Brother as well.


reference or revelation? I loved hearing about his parents, what a unique career path. I kinda wanna meet them now. Time for a surprise family show . . . .


I reworded it several times. I guess I meant it told me something about where he is “coming from”, and perhaps why I found him interesting.


Just watched latest LCK - spoilers

Wow Brother just dropped off my contestants I liked list so fast.


I want you to share spoilers of LCK because I can’t watch it where I am.

Meanwhile, I found the insistence on a German cuisine so firmly grounded in one idea of Germany angering. I wish someone had served something döner oriented.



Long story short - Tu and Brother were going head to head like always. Brother took the cling wrap - wouldn’t tell Tu he had it - Tu had to revise his dish because of it (he was making a roulade) - greatly effected Tu’s dish - Brother brags about hiding the cling wrap on him - gloats to other contestants about it - Tu goes home.

Dick move. Brother dropped way down for me, now on the don’t care about at all list - hope he gets beaten out of LCK and fast.


Ditto what you said, @Thimes. I thought the dish deemed the worst was the most inventive. BUT - I do understand the judges saying it didn’t have enough “German flavor”. It seemed more Asian than German.

I was REALLY disappointed in the self-selection of who chose to leave the competition.

I was a bit bothered by Brother’s comments in LCK about “I shouldn’t have gone home.” Guess what, Brother? Your dish was worst. It didn’t follow the parameters of the challenge of elevating GERMAN food.

But in reference to “hiding” the cling wrap - Brother DID NOT. I went back and watched that part. The cling wrap was next to the foil - Brother ran to get it and brought it out of the pantry. He did NOT hide it - no matter what Tu believes. He took it AFTER Tu was looking for it (at least the way the editing happened), and then left it on his workstation. Tom C. was the one who pointed it out - and Tu took that to mean that Brother hid it from him. I didn’t see Brother bragging about hiding it to the other LCK who were watching.

Now if editing was incorrect - Brother took it first and didn’t tell Tu he had it? THEN I agree with you.


I’m willing to keep an open mind and see what plays out.

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I so agree. He needs to go. That was a lousy move.

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You’re right, Brother came running back from dry storage with the plastic wrap after Tu had given up and was trying the sous vide bag, at least if we can trust the editing. He was a bit dick-ish about it, but it did not seem as if he hid it.


Whew! I can’t keep up!


Is Richard Blaise an arrogant SOB IRL or was that editing?


This is also how I saw it. Brother was being a bit abrasive with his attitude about getting kicked off and how he was going to walk through the competition, but he didn’t actively hide anything from Tu.

Here’s BrotherLucks twitter comment on it.

I am enjoying this season very much. The lack of Drama and the camaraderie is right up my alley. Though from previews it looks like we’re getting drama next week.


Interesting replies to that tweet - some people don’t believe him. But it looks like Chef Tu did:

** Jan 12**
Also, even if i had the plastic wrap didn’t Guarantee that I’d win. End of day @chefbrotherluck won. @tomcolicchio

I can’t see the replies to ChefTu since I’m not on Twitter.

(Gwenn) #80

But Tu obviously didn’t see it so it would have been the nice thing to do to tell him he found it.

Methinks Tu much nicer than Brother! Very adult attitude.

I am enjoying the season too.


Well I feel better that I wasn’t the only one who got that impression from the ending then ('cause it’s all about me).

So at best it seems Brother, in a passive aggressive way, essentially said “I know where it is but I’m not telling you” to Tu when asked about the plastic wrap. Then later when he needed it went right to it, got it and was all proud of himself for finding it.

Not as horrible but definitely not his best moment and unfortunately for him, leaves a much different impression for some viewers than the rep he had before the episode.

I guess time will tell if it will be his defining legacy on the show or not. It is so easy in reality TV to forever be known for a split second decision.