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That is all …


Trurly a dick move but it’s dog eat dog. It’s all about ratings


I don’t think Brother hid it, I think Tu wasn’t focused enough to find it. Yes, Brother could have clued Tu in but he wasn’t obligated.


As I think about it I really don’t think it’s all that bad if even what you are saying, and I think it’s closest to reality we’ll get due to the editing elves, is the case. As Brother Luck said in his twitter response there was lots of smack talk on both sides and they didn’t show all of it. They edited Brother as the villain with very little pretext. He was pumped up and confident in his skills and thought he shouldn’t have gone home. And their is plenty of TC precedent to back him up.

Cardinal sin on TC is to follow the challenge and in doing so make a dish that tastes bad. It is always better to brush the context of the challenge and make a tasty dish and by all accounts he created a tasty dish. It just wasn’t “German enough”. A spring roll with German Sausage sounded good to me and I was very surprised he went home. Especially when others had outright poor cookery.

And after reading the responses to his tweet I find it more than a little bothersome that based on those edits there are people that refuse to go to his restaurant. They hurt someone’s career for TV drama. No cool.


Just to clarify, the plastic wrap wasn’t sitting at Brother’s station when Tu was looking for it. He didn’t go and get it until late in the challenge, after Tu had resorted to the sou vide bags. Brother did know where it was, and could have told Tu, but didn’t for reasons we can only guess at. Dickish move or product of earlier smack talk or just smart competitive move?

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Agreed but this is what they signed up for with reality TV.


I don’t understand. Why do they sign up?


For the carrot of instant fame …


Does anyone else have an “Uncle Brother”? I have one on BOTH sides. But that is not their “given” name. BTW, they are not uncle AND brother; they are just known as “Brother” in their families.


I was rather disappointed at both Tanya and Claudette’s kvetching at each other. I think Tanya was just ready to go. Is it just me, or does Claudette always turns to moles? Also kind of done with the Bears, although they killed it in the Elimination Challenge.

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I felt bad for Tanya. From the editing it looked like Claudette took advantage. I find I do not like Claudette. Yes, she does turn to moles. And, nothing to do with her cooking but what’s up the blue lipstick?


That whole interaction between Tanya and Claudette seemed … weird. From the edit I could quite figure out what was going on or who (maybe both) were behaving troublesome. None of either person’s requests seemed overly intrusive so I can’t figure out why it escalated so much. Team challenges always seem to bring out strange interpersonal interactions.


I think it’s “in” right now. :roll_eyes:

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Glad I’m not in!!


I thought it was black but either way it looked horrid


I find both her lipstick and her glasses distracting. Plus I just don’t like her :wink:


My guess is not liking her is driving the opinion of the glasses and lipstick.

I was really impressed with her in LCK.


Nah, didn’t like the glass or lipstick from the jump.


I think she’s used both colors - black and a deep teal blue.