Top Chef Colorado


Nope, I don’t think they ever have it. I watch LCK on my laptop.

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They used to show it a few seasons ago. I guess if I get curious enough I’ll watch online.


Those biscuits sounded amazing! But I wanted to know how he tracked back ten generations of recipes!

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Yep, not on Directv either. One season it was. I watch on my ipad, when I remember to!


I’ve been watching it on YouTube through my TV …


“So LCK is essentially over for this season. Sorry :frowning:

I very much doubt that …


I agree. I was surprised that they are setting it up to be over so soon.


I could have TOLD them this guy was a dick:

Too bad they didn’t figure that out BEFORE they had him as a guest judge.


If you find that biscuit recipe, you are compelled by the rules of HO to post it for all of us! :wink:

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I will!! HO promise!


So wise…

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I just watched this week’s episode and Tom said LCK continues with yet another chance to get back in the competition. I haven’t seen any of the LCK episodes, but really? How many chefs get to re-enter the competition?

And this week’s episode was everything that was wrong with the Texas season and the Alaska finale. Camping in snowy Colorado? Would chefs who grew up in Idaho have an edge over those who grew up in Brooklyn or the Middle East?


My daughter’s window, from INSIDE , in Brooklyn this week. She recently moved within miles of where the hubs and I started out; from Northern California to Brooklyn. She got closed toed shoes for Christmas.



I don’t know - I actually liked this episode. They really had to think on their feet. They didn’t have to cross country ski or snowshoe and chip their tools and pots and pans out of a block of ice. They just camped and cooked whatever food they were going to cook. Glad to see Lee Ann do so well. Bruce’s pasta was pretty damn inventive. A little concerned with the three who were in the bottom, but I think the right person went home. Unless Second Chance Kitchen is a redeemer.

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I agree! I loved it. I laughed a lot and found myself liking Fatima even more - at least personality wise. I too was happy to see Lee Ann do so well. Some of those dishes reallly looked amazing. And Carrie was great. Making that oven in the snow and helping everyone. I don’t think it was anything like the awful challenges of Texas. Also,the contestants that season we’re not great-very unpleasant personalities. These guys had fun!

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I still think the chefs from warm weather climes were at a disadvantage. But you are both right: they all seemed to enjoy it, they got to cook what they wanted and they helped each other.

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Yes, they probably were. Carrie, who did the best at camping was originally from Idaho. Poor Fatima -no camping in Pakistan!


I think overall, they’re just nicer people. Which is why I didn’t mind the “guess what? You get to go camping - in the snows of Colorado!” theme.


I’ve heard this from several friends too. But I disagree. I lived in southern CA and south FL for years and we camped, had fires, and cooked over them all the time. And even those who don’t camp - many professional kitchens these days have open fire/charcoal stations. So while the challenge seems “biased”, it really wasn’t.


I think I stopped watching Top Chef during that horrid Dallas year. My breaking point was the progressive dinner in those gorgeous kitchens that no one ever actually used, with self-centered chefs throwing elbows to get their space and ingredients. The whole thing was unseemly. Confirmed all the reasons we moved away from Dallas way back when.

So, after seeing this thread pop up, I actually turned on the TIVO box and watched the first five episodes with the accompanying LCK.

LCK has been some darn fine cookery.

Other random thoughts: do the apnea machine men know what a “bear” is? They might all need to head to Provincetown this summer during bear week. It was cute, however, when they stated they weren’t sure that real bears in the woods would recognize them as “family.”

The directors and camera love Fatima. They are giving her a tremendous amount of interview airtime. This is usually some kind of setup.

Alaska woman was a mess. It was hard to watch her fall apart, and she needs to reduce the amount of foundation she uses. They have professional makeup artists affiliated with the filming. It would have been nice if they had stepped in to help her.

Making an oven in the snow was brilliant!

The only disadvantage that I have seen so far was not the camping thing, but the heritage challenge. Not all of us have an identifiable heritage that informs our culinary style. My family came to this country in the early 1600’s. I was raised on Boston brown bread and beans every Sunday, but that doesn’t inform what foods I eat on a daily basis. It was clear that they were not looking for my Mother’s boring, throw it from a can, bland New England food.

Fun to see LeeAnne back, but boy does she seem mature in comparison to many of the first-timers. Previews indicate that the high altitude and being pregnant might be an issue for her.

Tom indicated that LCK is not yet over.