Top Chef Colorado


Finally caught up after Ep. 2 and the two LCKs. The lamb dish on the winning team looked just plain unappetizing. Have they ever done a “the winning team is…but the worst dish is from the same team and some gets cut from the winning team”?

Haven’t yet found someone I’m really rooting for, but was glad Alaska did well in Ep 2.

The 2nd ep. of LCK was an icky one - at least for me.

(Gwenn) #23

I agree. No one stands out for me at all. And there are no interesting personalities either, IMO.


Disagree - I do like Fatima, the chef from Iran. I’ve begun to warm up to a couple of others, but I have to see how they continue in the competitions.


It is still really early to have stand outs (unless they are a total ass) … so many chefs so hard to get enough screen time to form opinions. Once there are fewer they get enough edit time to start evaluating personalities.


I’m watching. And it’s extra cool because it’s my home that they’re traipsing around. Nobody stands out yet, but I still enjoy the show.


I’m still rooting for Kwame.

(Andrea) #28

Tom and Padma both need to get over their cheese and fish rule. Sure, it can be weird, but there are always exceptions.

The cheese farmers had me cringing. How about some BEARD NETS, people ?!?! :scream:

And I feel kind of bad for Jen Carroll. She looks worn down.

(Gwenn) #29

We were just talking about that last night with friends. What is up with her. She is to talented but it really looks like things are not going well for her. That breakdown on air last time she was on and now she just looks beaten down.

No one stands out to me yet either. I do like the Fatima. But theses are some dead personalities too!


I wonder if it is just that new hair color. It doesn’t seem to shoot well for TV.

(Gwenn) #31

It could be. It does not look good on her - maybe it is making her look that way. But she has lost her mojo, I think!!


Agree with Jen looking haggard with the new hair color. But I was pretty damn impressed with the LCK “Two Wrongs” challenge. Some of the ingredient combos sounded like ick, but they made them work. And someone in there is kicking some ass with their wins.

As for TC, while he might “know every judge”, I’m not all that impressed with Bruce Kalman, at least in this competition venue. I think there’s potential with Tanya, Brother, Tu and Chris (Amish soul food), and Fatima.

I really like Fatima, but so sad to read on Bravo’s site that she’s been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a bone and soft tissue cancer. :cry: She’s had 4 chemotherapy sessions, and the tumor seems to be shrinking. Surgery after the new year to hopefully remove it all.

(Gwenn) #33

I just watched LCK Two Wrongs. Wow ,that was impressive! What they did with those crazy pair ups was amazing. I have to say, I am happy to see Kwami and Lee Ann still there.

On another note, why do,the eliminated chefs need to stay? Is it just so we know who,lost so far?


Cheering section? Marcel was all rah-rah at the beginning of the Two Wrongs challenge - usually the rah-rah happens closer to the end.

And yes, how they pull those dishes out of their asses in THIRTY MINUTES still amazes me. But I kind of knew Rogelio would be a goner when he tried to fry gummy candies.

(Gwenn) #35

Just watched most of this week’s episode. First off, the chef’s kids critiquing the dishes at the quick fire was priceless! No holding back there. And I loved this challenge. And, my three favorites emerged -coincidentally they were the top three. Personality wise, I really like Tanya. Mustache Joe has been doing better and does not seem like such a jerk any more. And I want the fired chicken and those biscuits that Chris made!


After seeing @winecountrygirl’s comment, I remembered Oops! I didn’t watch TC on Thursday. So I watched yesterday morning. The kid judges were right in there with their comments, no holds barred, on how they felt about some of the dishes in the QF.

Like Gwenn, I like Tanya and Chris. His fried chicken and biscuits looked AMAZING. I’ve searched for TC15 recipes, but they’re nowhere to be found, dammit. But I’m glad he won. Fatima remains my other Top 3 cheftestant.

AND…the LCK this week was a double-header! Four cook in the first round with one being eliminated. Then the remaining three cook in the second part - and the winner will be returning to the TC Kitchen right away! Of course, they don’t show who wins, and I couldn’t tell from Tom Colicchio’s comments who won. Will have to wait until Thursday!

(Gwenn) #37

[quote=“LindaWhit, post:36, topic:11279”]
recipes, but they’re nowhere to be found, dammit.

I was look g for that biscuit recipe. They used to publish them. I’d love that one!

(kg) #38

Dammit . . . Verizon still hasn’t shown a single LCK :sob:


I liked the format of LCK this season. (No spoilers) but the winner of the second half of this episode is back in the competition. So LCK is essentially over for this season. Sorry :frowning:

(Gwenn) #40

Really? That does not seem fair.


Unless there is some other twist, that is how they made it appear …